Life in Colour Photo Challenge 2021 – Brown

Jude has started a colour challenge for 2021 – who can resist colours? She starts out with the colour Brown.

The City’s Country Road

Of course there were colours in Łódź as well. And, when I think of the country road in my post this morning…with the oak trees on parade…These city alleyways seem truly related – even the one without trees. Somehow the urban equivalents?

CFFC: Vibrant Colours

Vibrant is another name for this season – for some short days or weeks before it is all gone in rain, wind and mist. A very suitable challenge for yesterday’s fiery aspen along the road.

CFFC: Yellows

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Yellows

My first choice for Cee’s challenge is of course the autumn forest…but a car is OK as well.

Don’t Tell Me Grey is Only Grey

In Sweden we use the word ”grey”about things old, dull and dark. A grey day, a grey future, everything looks grey, an old and grey lady or gentleman.

De vilda blommornas dag 008_copyBut, the colour grey is just as much a perfect contrasting colour…

De vilda blommornas dag 122_copyas a beautiful colour in its own right. Not only ”only”…

De vilda blommornas dag 010_copyWhat do you associate the colour grey with in your country?


Golden Day – Clouds Rising!

Yesterday’s drizzle finally brought out the sun. The first time this Autumn, and Glorious.

This walk in Vedema I usually do two times a year – Spring and Autumn.

Each season has its glory…in little things too.

Seing the sun again made my heart sing with every autumn leaf, fruit and berry…

…every spider’s web and pearl of dew.

The trees rejoiced in showing off their splendid grace and colours.

On reaching the lake, I began to realize what was waiting behind the trees, and there it was, the hidden glory unveiled…

A wonderful ending of the walk, and I can leave for China tomorrow –  full of expectations and so grateful for this day!

See you in two weeks.

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Sense of Seeing

So, there was a slight misunderstanding of Cee’s challenge…from my part. Hopefully I can repair that in the following challenges! Why not join in yourself!

Everything in Nature I love seeing – and the habits are …hiking, using binoculars and camera.

Indoors – I have moved nature inside my house. Today I have 171 pot plants.


Hiking is essential – preferably with my children and my dog.

 v.44 2011 088

Autumn will soon be here now – hopefully it will be a colourful one this year.


Spring is my favourite season. Maybe because my favourite colour is green.

Snowy Silence

Strangely enough, It happened to be the winter pictures I liked to see most of today.

My favourite – Robin – sitting outside my window.

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Teal or Turquoise

Last week I missed out on the challenge, but this week, with Teal or Turquoise, I knew exactly where to go…to my husbands cousin. The Turqoise Lady. These are all from her home. so, Let’s go inside!

And, seen through the mirror – the painted stairway!

Mera Madrid – More of Madrid, People and Others

Madrid is one of my favourite cities, and of course I will take you for a walk once more. Hopefully you will recognize some places but not all of them!

The terminal – walking in – had a very nice arcitechture. This place was new to me as we normally don’t go here with Iberia.

Then Madrid met us with the same happy face as usual – but people and other little friends are always new and interesting.

One of my favourite places to go is the big city parc – Retiro. The Crystal Palace is the place where interesting exhibititions are up – this time the theme was nomad tents. The artist, Federico Guzmán.

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