On a Dark and Rainy Day

Where I live we got twice as much rain this autumn as usual. Everywhere the brooks, lakes and rivers are flooded. The farmers could not bring in their crops, and they have not been able to sow new ones. The farmland has been transformed into vast lakes. The ocean rises and takes down houses close to the water.

No sun. Only rain. And darkness. They say this is the way it will continue as climate changes increase. Nowadays spring arrives two – three weeks earlier than it did 50 years ago….so, migrating birds come too late to feed their young. I have seen it in my own garden. Our mountains will be covered in forests less than 100 years from now. For several years, the reindeer have had great trouble to reach their food through the icy snow. They starve through winter.

In Sweden, climate changes are here and now – there is no ”later”.

And still we are lucky here, up north. We will survive – many island peoples will not.