Macro Monday – Golden Angel

The angel in the Christmas Tree…is leaving…flying away – to return next December

macro nyår 011-2


Evening Walk in Copenhagen

Lovely Copenhagen is only one and a half hour from where I live – a must in Christmas time! The markets and all the lights – nothing we have in my little village. So – here we go. Starting off rather early in the Design Museum’s beautiful garden…

…then walking all the way down the main street, Ströget, back to the railway station. A couple of kilometers all together. For more pictures from this walk, go to my photoblog.



Cee’s B&W Photo Challenge: Arches, Domes, Half Circles

Cee’s Black & White Photo Challenge: Arches, Domes, Half Circles

For Cee – both man made and natural. In both cases, these shapes are pleasant to the eye.


Christmas Market – Already?

Today a short visit to the nearest town and the first market this Christmas.

Raining…when there should be white everywhere…but we had fun anyway!

Many surprises awaited the children of course…and the sweets and almonds got bought  – and eaten – by grow-ups as well.

Indoors, first the main building and then the wings. A beautiful old mansion, once belonging to my husband’s uncle. Now, since many years belonging to the city.

Some hundred exhibitions with everything home made – from sausages and marmalade to clothes and candles. I always say I will not buy anything…but…

WPC: It’s Not This Time of The Year Without…


Lussebullbak jul 2011 013

…my youngsters filling the kitchen with good friends and happy, (or sad…) tasty,  Swedish Lussebullar!

Thursday Thoughts

Thursday happened to be Christmas Eve. So this will be the story of a very special parcel…a present for my mother from her granddaughter.

Inför julafton 008_copy

This Origami flower ball took some time to make, but Emma is a skilled Origamist (she makes a crane from every small train ticket and leaves it for the conductor…).

Then she drew a picture puzzle on the parcel, for my mother to solve before she was allowed to open it. ( With some help of course!) And we all laughed throughout the entertaining process of figuring out the problem…

This Christmas present was the most loved one on Christmas Eve. Handmade, beautiful, and engaging its receiver for several minutes before revealing its content.

No money spent, but Love, Time and Interest. Sometimes that is just enough.

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WPC: Now

This deliciously crisp chocolate candy we made two days ago – and NOW we are eating it!


Inför julafton lilla kameran 010_copy

# 107 Gubbe – Old man (91/365)

Under mitt röjningsarbete efter det att blommorna kommit på plats, upptäckte jag ikväll en kvarglömd gubbe från i julas. Här hänger han som nerdimpande ur skorstenslampan.

When cleaning up after my flower session, I found this old man tonight, still hanging here long after Christmas…as fallen out of the chimney lamp…