Friendly Friday: Design

I love Design. In 2016 I wrote about one of our most famous designers, Camilla Thulin. Much of clothes for the stage, but also ”ordinary” fashion. Snows theme is Design!

Just to look at her sketches is pure joy.


Kaftans – favourites with Camilla

Wear if You Dare!




Camilla Thulin – Wear, If You Dare!


This rainy day was made for an outing – with darling Viveka at myguiltypleaures. She can make any day shine… We decided for Dunkers and the famous designer Camilla Thulin.



Camilla Thulin loves luxury ”second hand” and started collecting clothes and accessories at an early age. Today she is a famous fashion designer and her clothes are worn by actors as well as singers and other people in the Swedish world of artists.

She also has her own name in fashion and in the world of classy underwear.

The definition of ”Kaftan”, according to the Oxford Dictionary, is a man’s long belted tunic, worn in countries of the Near East. It could also mean a woman’s long loose dress, or a loose shirt or top.

Camilla Thulin declares her fascination for this garment, and in the exhibition hall there are kaftans of her design as well as kaftans from her own collection of second hand and folklore clothes from Morocco, Turkey and Palestine, among others.


For the scene, her collection is vast – some examples are ”Piaf”, ”Evita” and ”Amadeus”.

In an earlier post, I mentioned her clothes for Army of Lovers. In this Dunkers’ exhibition there was also a dress made for our Swedish jazz singer, Lisa Nilsson, worn at the Crown Princess’ wedding.


Peep inside the studio – what might it look like inside the creative Camilla’s headquarters?



 Camilla Thulin shop online here.