CFFC: Letter Q

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Letter Q – Simply needs to have the letter Q

Equestrians in the header and one of the many squares in the Forbidden City, Beijing.

Thursday Thoughts – You Cannot See Everything On the Outside…

We visited the Boyana Church, an important, medieval Bulgarian Orthodox church situated on the outskirts of Sofia. In 1979, the building was added to the UNESCO World Heritage List. Step inside, and you will understand just Why. Due to its tiny size, only 8 people, 8 minutes allowed.

The church stands in a quiet piece of forest in the Vitosha mountains, together with three beautiful Sequoia trees. The east wing of the church was originally constructed in the late 10th or early 11th century, then the central wing was added in the 13th century, and the whole building was finished with a further expansion to the west in the middle of the 19th century. There is a total of 89 scenes with 240 human images depicted on the walls of the church. And every face, every expression is exquisitely made. No photographing of course… but, please watch the short youtube included!

The low door is full of  bullet holes, as during one of the many wars,  intruders believed a treasure was kept inside the church – only to find that the treasure consisted of – old frescoes.

Thursday’s Special: Traces of the Past

For Paula’s Traces of the Past – a picture taken in Rom’s Ostia Antica. A magnificent place to stroll and marvel at our ancestor’s architecture.



Travel theme: Steps

Travel theme: Steps

Steps and stairs always speak to you, don’t they. The material is of course important, and the age. As often for me, I love the old ones best. Worn down, used for hundreds or even thousands of years.

Ostia Antica, Italy. A theatre, yes, but you also have to walk the steps to get to your seat. And in the header, old steps leading to a house in the abandoned village Castro in western Spain.

Somehow I see the theater’s steps as going down – while in Castro the steps are leading upwards.

CFFC: The Letter D – 4 letters words that starts with D

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Letter D – 4 letters words that start with D

Door and doll (s)!

WPC: Elemental and Travel theme: Numerals

Where do we find it all? In London of course!

WPC: Elemental 

Travel theme: Numerals

WPC: Textures

WordPress – textures this week. How about one mostly natural and the other manmade…

The same…but different…


Travel theme: Decadent

Decadent? Well, a fun travel theme you just have to see more of here!

One of the most famous hotels in Madrid –  Palace Hotel. Many of the world’s most famous people have stayed here: David Bowie, Michael Jackson, Henry Kissinger, Mata Hari…to mention just a few of them.