Thursday Thoughts – Shaun Tan and the Museum of Failures

A short trip this summer to Dunkers in Helsingborg – for Shaun Tan, our beloved, Australian illustrator of children’s books. On arrival, we found that the Museum of Failures also had an exhibition there.

My (and my children’s) greatest admiration is his book and movie on ”The Lost Thing”.

The exhibition of drawings and paintings from his books, also featured a reading room – all Shaun Tan – style.

A short trailer…

The whole movie was shown at the exhibition – had to see it again!


Corporate flops – as shown on the Museum of Failure was quite interesting, but I only photographed two things. This museum is a celebration of history’s failed products & services and the lessons learned from them.

I didn’t know Trump had launched a board game!

Wikipedia: Trump: The Game was launched in May 1989, with the tagline, ”It’s not whether you win or lose, it’s whether you win!” Trump appeared in a television commercial for the game. Trump and Milton Bradley hoped the game would sell two million copies, although the game ultimately sold poorly. By August 1990, Trump acknowledged that the game may have been too complicated. The rulebook was more than 12 pages long. Trump said the game had sold 800,000 units.

As of 19 September 2018, the game is considered a collector’s item.

Mmmmmmmmmmm…some of my favorites – not My mistake!

I think I will have to bike to our local shop and buy some for Saturday …


CFFC: Books or Paper


Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Books or Paper


Cultural Café

We wanted to visit the National Palace of Culture in Sofia, but it was closed and a veritable construction site. I was dying for a nice cup of coffee along with some cultural events…but the building seemed totally abandoned.

Nothing wrong with a construction site…if you can find a place like this when you step down into the underground..

A slight drizzle, and my stomach was making sounds…but when we had totally given up on this place and walked down some steps to get to the street again – suddenly there emerged a big window with BOOKS. From nowhere. Nothing with books can go wrong, so we opened the door and stepped inside…

…a café! A place reminding me of my university years with not too expensive coffee’s, nice company and working in two’s or more. My eyes and spirits went up and I just took it in…..feeling the coziness and the warmth instead of the by now rather chilly, hostile weather outdoors.

We stayed for an hour at least and left with big smiles on our faces ;-D

It went on drizzling – but we felt good all the way home! Keep reading! And…some tea is OK as well…

What is Your Story?

This is still one of my my favourite stories – (and favourite characters…) and so it was for my children as well. I guess most of you know them…? How do you remember their impact if you read them as a child?

Thursday Thoughts – Today I Finally Met Arthur!

Maybe you  have heard of him…Arthur, the dog who crossed the jungle to find a home.

I have followed his adventures ever since I first heard of him a couple of years ago. The Swedish multi sport team in Ecuador, trying to win the world championships. Instead the team leader, Mikael Lindnord, found that in the middle of the jungle, his team of four had got a fifth member…Arthur. Mikael had never had a dog of his own and never thought of getting one – he was a tough athlete and a determined leader for his team.

But this street dog caught his heart…and from one meat ball, given to a starving dog – they became friends forever. Finally, after many hardships and paperwork and stubborn authorities…Arthur arrived in Sweden and was taken care of by Mikael and his family.

P1060786_copyTonight I met him. And I totally understand why he is King Arthur. He owned the place from the first second he entered through the door. I do not have one single, proper picture…but I loved every minute of being close to him and listening to their story. Seeing the very special bond between Mikael and Arthur.

Mikael himself says that Arthur stands for Hope.  The Lindnord family have also started a fund for homeless dogs in Ecuador – there are many ill treated and abused dogs in the world… Maybe there is hope for them with people like Mikael, who was prepared to even let go of his team’s victory to save this dog’s life. Mikael says he recognized himself in Arthur that very first day…they both stand tall, and never give up. So, how could he let Arthur down, when the dog put all his trust in him ?

P1060832_copyIf you love animals, and dogs in particular, and believe there is still love and compassion on Earth – Read the book!

More about Arthur? Read  this blogpost at Impressive photogallery and more about their life and adventures!

On Exhibition: Carl Larsson, Our National Painter

Our little town is right now the lucky host of the only exhibition of Carl Larsson’s art outside Dalarna and Sundborn. A visit to this tiny, but exquisite, exhibition was on the menue today. Our 39th wedding anniversary.

Carl Larsson (28 May 1853 – 22 January 1919) was a Swedish painter representative of the Arts and Crafts Movement. His many paintings include oils, watercolours, and frescoes. But, when we think of Carl Larsson – we first of all think of his watercolours of his wife, children and home at Little Hyttnäs, Dalarna.

Carl Larsson 027_copy

He considered his finest work to be Midvinterblot (Midwinter Sacrifice), a large (6-by-14-metre oil painting completed in 1915) painting now displayed inside the Swedish National Museum of Fine Arts.However, this great work was at first rejected by the board of the museum, and later sold to Japan. The fresco depicts the blót of King Domalde at the Temple of Uppsala. Decades later, the painting was purchased and placed in the National Museum, on the wall it once was intended for.

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Carl Larsson was born on 28 May 1853 in the old town of Stockholm, at 78 Prästgatan. His parents were extremely poor, and his childhood was not happy. His father told the young boy that he ”cursed the day he was born”. A younger brother of Carls´ was the much loved son, but he died at an early age. Throughout his life, CL could never forget his father’s words…and…

Carl Larsson 018_copy

…with him was forever the wish for being loved. Much loved.

And he found his great love in another young artist, Karin Bergöö, whom he soon married. Together they worked in perfect harmony – he painting and she designing and working mostly with textiles. She bore him 8 children.

Through their paintings and books, Little Hyttnäs has become one of the most famous artist’s homes in the world. The artistic taste and harmony of its creators made it a major line in Swedish interior design. Despite its controversialness to the style of the time. The descendants of Carl and Karin Larsson now keep the house open for tourists each summer from May until October.


WPC: The Road Taken

For this week’s challenge, Krista asks us to show something that surprised us on “the road taken.” Many roads taken…but this road over the moors up to Heathcliff’s and Cathy’s Wuthering Heights really surprised me. We walked for hours, and the landscape was just as beautiful and haunting as in the novel…one of the world’s greatest love stories. I almost felt them whispering in the wind, laughing and running, hand in hand.


Lev! Live!

In Umeå, where my daughter is studying, there is a 170 meter long glass wall in the railway tunnel (2012) decorated with some 30 quotes from the works of author Sara Lidman (1923-2004)- Lev!(Live)

Sara Lidman 001.jpg

She was born in the village Missenträsk and raised in the Västerbotten region of northern Sweden. She studied at the University of Uppsala when she contracted tuberculosis. She achieved her first great successes with the novel Tjärdalen (The Tar Still) and the novel Hjortronlandet, where she depicts themes such as alienation and loneliness.

Sara Lidman is one of the most important writers of the Swedish language in the twentieth century. Especially because of her innovative language and imagery, Biblical but also integrating the worldly and the spiritual. She also wrote extensively on political subjects, always with a strong feeling for the poor, against war and colonialism, pornography and the misuse of our natural environment.  She engaged in protest against the Vietnam War and apartheid in South Africa.


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Picture provided by and thanks to Wikipedia.