Thursday Thoughts – The Forest is Down

Today was going to be a lovely hiking day – sun promised and no wind. I decided for the Bockeboda forest – looking forward to a bright winter’s day. I told Totti and Milo where we were heading, and they knew what to expect already in the early morning.

10 minutes into our walk, we found these tracks…and soon, the sound of forest machines reached our ears. Then we heard a huge tree falling. Some minutes later, I realized the forest ahead was gone.

We had great difficulties in finding the track – if you ever have walked in familiar forests, you follow the paths and know exactly what trees will be standing where. I guess it is the same in cities – if they tear down your familiar buildings and streets, you are lost.

This photo was taken some weeks ago – who would have guessed it was to be the last one from this beautiful forest?

Milo is standing in exactly the same place as in the previous photo – maybe thinking…Where did my forest go? My playground, my hiking favorite? Well, today every tree was down, piled up, waiting to be transported away from where they were raised for as long as I have lived – around 60-65 years.

The path back home again seemed a bit bleak, or maybe it was because of my tears.

On Closing the Door – A New One Opens

Hiking with my dogs yesterday, the change in Nature, from just one day back, was very obvious –

Yesterday was a short ”between time” in the forest, where some parts still were extremely colourful, even if the colours had turned more harmoniously yellow/brown.

No wind and a clear, chilly day, we all enjoyed what we understood from the weather reports, would be the last remaining bright day this autumn.

Inside the dense pine forest, I could still find some yellow beeches, shining beacons in the darkness. But out in the open – the misty light had closed the golden door behind us.

Thursday Thoughts – Quiet Moments

We did two walks last week, just Totti and me…

…and this is the second one – Both are old favorites – as I guess you recognize the paths…

In the middle of the week the forest rests in silence

And there are not many colours around

I guess that is the way we want it





Thursday Thoughts – Quality Time

We have had some quality time, just Totti and me – and the camera.

Away from the energetic Milo and away from home

Heading for the forest in the early morning

A day of promise

A day of joy and happiness for the two of us

And the little things…

that really matters



In the header – next year’s Christmas trees, practicing? About 20 cm tall.

Whenever there are a few inches of white on the ground – it is time to hurry out skiing. At least if you live in the southernmost part of Sweden. It might be the only chance you get this winter…

Luckily, I caught a glimpse of one or two of those sporty guys yesterday. Can you find them behind the trees?

A White, White Walk – and Nostalgia

Some fluffy snow last night made for a lovely family walk today.

I love it when there are layers of forest colors and different tree species collaborating.

They live together in harmony and they create harmony in the minds of us walking by.

On our way back to the starting point, voices rang from the meadow where my children used to play in the snow as kids. We heard a young family with two children. These two had climbed the fallen giant (see the header), pretending it was a ship. I stood listening to them, smiling. My son too. Then he said: ”I wonder when we start losing that magic ability…it should stay with us forever. I am sure we all would feel better inside.”

My camera battery was gone – so this shot is with my Samsung phone. I can still hear their laughter. And marvel at the very size of that tree. And – their imagination.

Only the big ones left…

So – I have finished re-potting most of my plants. Only the big ones left…

I even tried putting some of my succulents in glass jars – seems that is going to be popular again. Photographing through the glass gives me a tiny – world – feeling. A bit distorted, but I guess all our worlds are.

It is already dark, but I sit in my chair and feel good about having done this much in three days. Now to the cleaning up…not my favorite thing, but that has to be done.

Good night to you all – with a photo from the lovely walk yesterday. Cheers!




Finally – A Bright and Sunday Hike

My winter moodiness lifted today

10 degrees below zero (C) – a frosty, crisp and clear day!

Hiking for some hours – breathing and staying outdoors as long as…

…the sun was up

By it is time to go home

As we turn back, the sun is setting and the rays are orange warm

The leaves of 2017 lingering still, basking…

I turn around for a last shot – and the forest is glowing. Soon only the highest tree tops. I cannot say how grateful I am for this day. Not to talk about Totti – rocketing through the forest, rolling in the cool frostiness, barking with joy.