Thursday Thoughts – Meeting The World’s Oldest Blogger

Today I went to Health Sciences Centre, Lund, to attend the press invitation to the Gerontology Award of 2018.  My friend, Professor Susanne Iwarsson, introduced us to PhD students and their research in gerontology, and also to the award winning lady, Dagny Carlsson, aged 105.

Just imagine…she was born the same year Titanic went down…

Dagny is a witty and tough lady, who also is the world’s oldest blogger – or so we think… And her wit as well as her blogging are part of the reasons to why she won this prize. Dagny started blogging at the age of 99 – and today she has reached an almost iconic status in Sweden. Check out her blog here:

Only some of her achievements: On TV she has been a guest in at least ten shows, she was awarded ”Swede of the Week”, she was one of the Summer Talk guests on Radio P1 Sweden 2017, she was given a part in a movie last year and she has also written a book titled ”Life According to Dagny”. Two days ago she payed a visit to our King and Queen – and she said she liked them very much. Nothing strange with meeting them, Dagny smiles.

Dagny Carlsson was awarded also because she is an inspiration to us all. To elderly people she is the living evidence of a possible long and active life, as well as technology to be mastered even beyond the age of 100. Her experience from Swedish history through 105 years remains a valuable source from which we all can learn, and she continues to be a significant elderly person in Swedish culture.

I am proud to have met her. (Just a reminder…Dagny is the lady on the right side…)

Dagny, 103 years old, at the Skavlan show – but this spring she will turn 106!







What to do a Grey Day?

Today is a grey day. The snow is slowly melting and the sky is a thick mass of clouds.

Not even Totti finds it hilarious…

So what might cheer us up?

Maybe this little sweetie, hanging from my desk lamp, checking my doings and writings every day? He is not ”wet and ugly – nobody wants you”, as we use to tease Totti when he has taken a roll in something unpleasant…

OK, Totti! Let’s go play hide and seek now then!


Wishings for The New Year

We say goodbye to the Christmas of 2017, and to the year gone by. My deepest gratitude to all readers, followers and friends for your good company and fantastic support! We meet here, we exchange thoughts and comments, maybe even pass by each other on the street without knowing it… It is a small world, and blogging makes it even smaller. We learn so many things from each other, and I hope you will hang on for another year – I plan to…

We are grateful for 2017, even if this year maybe did not bring as much good to the world as we had hoped for.

Let us hope for a better year to come – and set sails for 2018 – see you at dawn!


Thursday Thoughts – The Magic of One Photo

”Have you ever tried to sum up your blogging year

in a photo?” says my dear friend Gallivanta, at silkannthreades.

If I could find one picture, one picture only, that would be a symbol of my 2017?

I know what, and who, has been on my mind every day this year. We walk together  every day and we talk every day. But many things she no longer remembers. When I talk about the old days, her childhood and when her grandchildren were small – she smiles. Glimpses. For a short moment there is that old shine in her eyes. My Mother.

She is in my thoughts every hour of the day.

To sum up my blogging year is more difficult. Travel, colorful places, family, good friends, nature, animals…and photography. The inner journey. Despite all my travels and meetings with lovely people and lovely places – a day alone with my thoughts has always been my best day.

When I think back, there are so many wonderful people who left us this year, both famous legends and close friends. The frailty of life. In so many countries and places on Earth, things have changed for the worse. Our planet, our world, is suffering.

True, there has been much light, but maybe more of darkness in the world this year, 2017. Still, I always search for the Magic…in everything. I try to see the beauty in every grain of sand, and I hope I can convey at least some of it to you as well. I need this magic – to look away from the darkness, to survive. I guess there might be more people than me who feel the same.

So. The header photo is my choice, dear Amanda.

Thursday Thoughts – Being Grateful

Thursday again. The days and weeks and years rush by – and I am still here. I am very grateful for that.  Today is Thanksgiving in the US – and we have much to be thankful and grateful for, even if we do not celebrate this special day in Sweden.

I am grateful for so many wonders in the world.

Being able to walk in the forest, in Nature, which means so much to me.

Being able to see and enjoy our world. From the great panoramas down to spiders’ webs.


I can feel, I can write, I can speak…I can even take pictures of the wonders that surround us…just to keep them with me a little bit longer.

And I can share some of them with great blogging friends, readers and followers – I am so grateful to all of you!

I still have my family, loving parents, and many of my best friends from my childhood…

…even if I know the path is narrowing.

So, Thank you for letting me be born in a free country, with loving parents and good friends. Surrounded by deep forests and open meadows.

I will try my best to be an open-minded,  loving and caring person – always.

Picture Critique

For a couple of weeks, Otto von Münchow kindly shares his expertise if you want an opinion about a picture – here is mine. Some suggested changes are not possible, the shot was situational, but the cropping is. So, I have followed his advice, and by comparing the photos you can see the difference it makes. I attended one of Otto’s online courses this summer, where he also stressed the importance of waiting for the right moment. I will have to practice that more… Thank you again, Otto!

Hi Otto! This is a photo taken in a cafe´in Lodz, Poland. I loved the colours and the people there, but how do I make the best of it? Thank you for taking your time and skills for this!

  • Otto von Münchow

    This is a fun photo, playing with forms, shapes and colours—both natural as part of the room we look into as well as indirectly and as a juxtaposition in the mural on the wall in the back of the room. I think your framing is enhancing the playfulness in the room. You have a frame with in a frame by looking through a opening between two rooms, and not the least you have included a tiny bit of a red box to the right—probably a piece of furniture—and the blue seat to the lower left. It ends up being a composition with primary colours (from a traditional painters palette and not the additive primary colours), respectively yellow, blue and red. In contrast to all these geometric shapes, we have the organic forms of the people sitting in what is obviously a café. In fact, there is a hint of a fourth person around the column to the right. I like the smiling expression of the face of the woman obviously in conversation with this fourth person. It’s a little pity that the woman behind her, all the way towards the rear wall, is in her face, so to speak. Some separation between the faces would have made both of them stand out more clearly. You could have accomplished this by moving to the left, but then you would have left the bit of red furniture to the right out of the frame. The best thing would have been to await the situation, wait until the two faces had moved away from each other (but then of course you might have lost the smiling expression I mentioned before). One more detail: I think I would crop off a little bit of the yellow support in the upper part of the photo. Give it a try, at least this is easy to accomplish. In the end this is another captivating photograph.

Black and White Sunday: After and Before

Paula’s B&W After and Before is a very interesting challenge! For more of this, go to her blog,  Lost in Translation.