Vadstena – Town and Castle Villa

Vadstena – is named a city despite its only 6000 -7000 inhabitants. This is a very charming place, where the main street still has got all the shops gathered – just as they would have been in the Middle Ages. The buildings in the city center date mainly from the 16th, 17th and 18th centuries.

And – people live in them. It is not a museum, even if you are tempted to think it is.

The old town is well preserved and the streets have not changed much over the centuries. The Town Hall is Sweden’s oldest, dating back to the early 15th century.

A look into our lodging as well – the Castle Villa in charming Jugend style. All in all it was a lovely stay – to celebrate Spring and our son’s birthday.

The World Illustration Awards 2017


A short visit to London with my whole family – I cannot say how much I appreciated this opportunity! That we all could go, and have some relaxing fun together – almost impossible now as we are all living in different ends of Sweden.

WIA at Somerset House was our first spot of interest. All of us love working with some kind of art – but none of us do it professionaly. So.. who does not want to get inspired?

The view from Waterloo Bridge – I don’t think I have seen it since the Shard was built. You can see it between the two high constructions on the right side of the Thames.

Walking to the entrance of Somerset House, I caught a glimpse of ”The Lion King”. I remember it being very well staged and performed when we visited with our children a long time ago. Sweet memories.

All excited of course – but as I am not allowed to show the photos officially,  Here is a link instead.

My son and daughter photographing away…at the entrance. There were, among others, a great many interesting takes on the US president and environmental issues.

London med familjen 2017 120_copy

At exhibitions, leaving a comment is never optional…always give feedback! So much talent and fantasy, brainwork and time gone in to these artworks. Brilliant!

Walking back – enjoying the other side of Waterloo Bridge. Always impressive…

Good Old London.

And Finally the Nightingale Sang

_copyIn glorious evening light, no wind, and a summer softness in the bird cherry scented air – we heard him…the Nightingale. This long, cold and dry Spring unveiled its soft heart and let Totti and me enjoy the first taste of summer. And my son turned 25. A blessed day.

SL-WEEK 2-01 : Selfie

You know I am no selfie fan…but , well, here it is. For Sylvain Landry.

The photo was taken at an outdoor exhibition in Denmark. It really is enough with only one me…I bet you are thinking the same…


My Illusory, Illusive Week…

Strange things this week…It all started out so well…but these are my memories …

…in my ordinary Blekinge again. Don’t we all have crazy dreams sometimes…?

Blekinge och Helsingborg 009_copy

SL-WEEK 51: Birthday

For Sylvain Landry – the anniversary! For this grand Birthday, I have put together my own 12 favourite entries to SL-WEEK – in no special order. In the header, Wedding, the photo closest to do with celebration… Hope you will Enjoy the gallery just as much as I enjoy the challenges.