Friendly Friday – Blue

Amanda ask us for a portrait of Blue. Blue is not my favorite colour to wear, but in Nature it is Green and Blue for me. And the image had to come from Iceland this summer.


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Tuesday Photo Challenge – Gentle

Tuesday Photo Challenge – Gentle

The birds are here every day – so gentle, so lovely to have and help through the winter.

Tuesday Photo Challenge: Trio…

Tuesday Photo Challenge – Trio

For Dutch goes the Photo – maybe two heads are better than three…?

CFFC: Wildlife

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Wildlife

Wildlife – we will not survive without it. My contribution for Cee is four bird species.

From the Galápagos Islands – a young Red-footed Booby and a yellow warbler.

And, from my winter garden –


a bullfinch and a great tit. Both sitting in my old apple tree.


CFFC: Birds

Who does not love birds?

For Cee this week – a nesting stork on top of an old church ruin in Spain.

Harpy Eagle (Americas)

I love those big birds of prey, like the Harpy. Frightening but beautiful. They call this bird the most cruel bird of prey.

Eagle owls are very big – and beautiful – too. These two shots are from Walsrode bird park, the biggest park in Europe (at least).


Thursday’s Special: Trio

Paula’s Trio! Not half as cute as her puffins…but they inspired me.


Yellow naped Amazon – Walsrode bird park

jupiter najnajnoviji

Thursday Thoughts – Memories From Last January

Most photos this month were from the Galapagos Islands and our beautiful ship – Cachalote – Here are some of my favorites. In the header, me and my lovely mockingbird!

Volcanic Islands all of them – and here at Sullivan Bay – strikingly beautiful.

My absolute favorites on this trip were the iguanas – especially the land iguanas. We were so lucky to find an iguana up in the cacti – they love eating them, but rarely have any success in climbing them.

I would not mind going back one day – to see the other islands as well. Each island has its own specific flora and fauna. Mostly untouched by humans – and therefore, animal kingdoms.