WPC: Scale

For Scale, I go to last summer in Spain, and the World Heritage Beach Catedrales. Giants standing in the sand – small people admiring!

Cee’s B&W Photo Challenge: The Back of Things

Cee’s Black & White Photo Challenge: Back of Things

Today is the Autumn Equinox, so why not try to show summer turning its back on us?

Here we go…


Travel theme: Abroad

Travel theme: Abroad

Abroad means many things to me…but if I were to choose only one thing – it is Freedom.

Travel theme: Four

Ailsa’s theme, shows four beautiful dresses made by designer Camilla Thulin, and four lovely spoonbills, designed by the Creator. Click the link for more of four!

Travel theme: Four


Cee’s B&W Photo Challenge: Rocks

Rocks often have an interesting structure – and so do these from Cathedral Beach in Spain.

Thursday Thoughts – The Beach

Sometimes strange things happen…like a jigsawpuzzle everything just fits in, and you experience a picture you thought you would never see…

…or be able to walk into. This happened to us this July, on the north coast of Spain. We had booked a hotel for the night, and had checked our guide books as usual – nothing special here in Santiago de Reinante…

But, I got a hint from a leaflet I saw at the hotel…that maybe we should go down to the beach. A square of 2×2 cm pictured Catedrales, a very special beach it seemed…

We soon realised that a permission was needed to walk the beach – it is a UNESCO World Heritage! Nothing, absolutely Nothing in our books had us prepared for these magnificent views.

My heart sank, maybe we would have to stay on the cliffs and not come down…But, there were very effective assistants on the steps down, and they helped us getting the permit via Internet – so,  we were two of the 4000 people allowed on this beach per day. My heart jumped and beat so hard I could feel it in my throat. This was so unreal…How could there be ebb as well? How could we be so lucky?

We walked for hours and hours…endless kilometres…trying to savour this moment as the precious gift it was. Unbelievable. This was not happening…

I never wanted the sun to go down, never wanted to leave this magnificent world…

Spanien 1 och 2 847_copy

But finally the sunset had to come, and the night closed in. I cannot say how grateful I am for this evening gift. Pictures cannot convey …my deepest feelings.

I wish you all such wonderful and unexpected gifts – and a good night!


More facts and photos on this beach at Albatz Travel Adventures.

WPC: Partners

Partners for WordPress – Midsummer’s Eve is of course the perfect day to spend with your partner.


Whether it might be shoes and feet…or maybe gloves and hands –

(Or maybe you will find another partner in these shots as well…)


But, in the end, the traditional Partner.