Thursday Thoughts – By the Sea

We spent two days at Falkenberg, a spa resort on the west coast of Sweden.

By the sea – rather cold, but lovely walking weather

Some bright mid day hours – in vibrating spring air

make your heart soar – and your soul breathe



CFFC: Places People Visit

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Places People Visit

Places people visit – a short summary for Cee! There are so many places…

In the header – mountains.

Majestic churches and cathedrals

Famous buildings by famous architects

Inspiring exhibitions


Forests – any season



Botanical gardens

WPC: A Face in the Crowd


Erica, at WordPress, gives us the task to show anonymity, a face in the crowd – referring to the days when she was too afraid to ask people for a photo. I am still there…but on my way to overcome it. I still take photos from behind though, or with a long lens, if I am not in the mood for asking.

This series, taken some years ago on the beach( in a warmer country than mine) shows how well we can express ourselves – even in the anonymity of silhouettes.

Keep an eye on the man…

… he expresses himself…


Thursday’s Special: Message

Two messages? Paula, at Lost in Translation, is only asking for one…but I hope this is OK!

One dog to dog message and one human to human – at least…

Thursday Thoughts – Life Patterns

Tylösand, maybe the most famous beach area in the southern part of Sweden. Two hours away from me – as usual, click the pictures to enlarge.

We spent two glorious days there this week, in the low, winter sun. Walking two early hours on the beach, I realized how many possible patterns there are in a lifetime.

To See a World in a Grain of Sand…

Maybe you, for a long time, follow a straight road, a pattern cut out for you…

Tylösand spa 200-Redigera

… there may be waves on your path – but they can be waves of beauty and learning

Many times Life gets more complicated, but you can still feel the pattern…it has not left you unattended…

Troubles will come your way, but you will sort them out in the end – you have to…

New paths and patterns will open up, and the skies above will again be crispy blue

Tylösand spa 196-Redigera

Sometimes you can trace your footprints back to harmony – but then again, you might even discover bright new paths and find new, wonderful Life Patterns.

Safe Travels!