WPC: Dance

Dancing water in Barcelona and dancing Swedish people – old and young – around the Maypole. Soon we will be there again…

Music is essential to dancing, and the water here danced to classical music whereas the people clapped hands and danced to classical Swedish Midsummer songs.

I think most people love to dance…it is a beautiful, sensual way of showing emotions. Find more dancing here.


Old and very young dance around the maypole

Old and very young dance around the maypole


CFFC: Things That Are Wet


Things that are wet…great possibilities again from Cee. I came across an old picture …how wet is this?

For more things wet, click here.

Barcelona och Pyrenéerna 2011 281


SL-WEEK 6: Moto

An old photo from a night in Barcelona 2013, but revealing some of the magic with motorcycles…

Sylvain Landry

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Cities and City-structures

Barcelona is a famous city – and many visit every day. Gaudí stands out of course, but there are also modern structures worth a view. Go to Cee for more!