CFFC: Hands

For Cee this week – hands. Very useful tools. Not only for showing love or affection.

They might pinch things from you when you least expect it…

And they can hold the most delicate things and creatures without hurting them…

And, they can also work fast and swiftly make the tastiest edible things…

Hands are needed.

They work well in many sayings and expressions as well: ”Give me a hand”, ”All hands on deck” etc. I believe ”hands” are useful in most languages. A Swedish example is ” Ge mig ett handtag” ( Give me some help here). How is it used in your language?

Ese’s Weekly Shoot & Quote Challenge: Happiness

Happiness can be many things – why not to have a happy, newly married young man, rummaging with his friends in my kitchen, baking bread by candle light, wearing a funny apron? I guess Ese has many other solutions at her place!

Happiness is not something ready made. It comes from your own actions.

Dalai Lama