Thursday Thoughts – The last forest beauty

An autumn walk in my own forest today. Milo is overjoyed as colder weather has arrived with near frost temperatures. I will have to be grateful for those colourful days and look back now and then on my images through the daily grey.

No spring nor summer beauty hath such grace as I have seen in one autumnal face.
― John Donne

There is a stillness in the air, and I hear only the water and some finches. A Robin’s ticking warning in the background.

I enjoy the spring more than the autumn now. One does, I think, as one gets older.
― Virginia Woolf

The path I always walk suddenly looks like spring in the morning sun. Wishful thinking… there are 6 more months to wait for its arrival.

I cannot endure to waste anything so precious as autumnal sunshine by staying in the house.
― Nathaniel Hawthorne,

When I get closer to the meadows, I see the sun shining out there, spreading its generous rays into the darker forest.

And all the lives we ever lived and all the lives to be are full of trees and changing leaves… -Virginia Woolf

Nowadays it has become more difficult for me to look up towards the canopy as I have a slipped disc in my neck. So, generally I wait until the path is favouring a look at the sky. And then it is amazing…

Autumn is the hush before winter. – French proverb

The last kilometer of the track passes a much-fotographed shed where the hunters used to have their gear and their breakfast. Last year the left window cover was broken, so a somewhat one-eyed old friend is now sleepily looking at me.

Autumn knows a mother’s heart. It gives and then lets go. – Anonymous

A homely stump, filled with little ones – just out of a fairy tale. John Bauer?

The final hundred meters of the track now, and you can see Milo and my husband as tiny dots near the end of the path.

Thank you again for walking with me. This might be the last really beautiful walk this year – unless we get early snow or hoarfrost.

On Closing the Door – A New One Opens

Hiking with my dogs yesterday, the change in Nature, from just one day back, was very obvious –

Yesterday was a short ”between time” in the forest, where some parts still were extremely colourful, even if the colours had turned more harmoniously yellow/brown.

No wind and a clear, chilly day, we all enjoyed what we understood from the weather reports, would be the last remaining bright day this autumn.

Inside the dense pine forest, I could still find some yellow beeches, shining beacons in the darkness. But out in the open – the misty light had closed the golden door behind us.

Time For Colours and Reflections

We have not had much sun up here in Skane, where I live, so I feel lucky to have caught a few glimpses of the glory around me this autumn. I will share some of my favourite captures in this post. I hope you have a wonderful autumn- or spring – as well!

This day there was a chance to get some glimpses of the sun. So, I headed up the winding road to Hovdala.

All the pretty cows watching me from uphill. Comforting – cows always give me a good feeling. I hoped so much for some rays to come through.

The view from up here is not so bad. I go here every season to enjoy. Even the lake can be seen from here, Lake Finja.

Rays much longed for – came when my car was parked and I was hiking towards Hammarmölledamm!

And this, was what I got. Every shot had to come when there was a rift in the clouds, and finally Totti was very tired of me…despite his almost neverending patience…

As usual, click for the larger view of the photo.

Time For Colours

This time of the year can be absolutely stunning in colours and fresh air- and this year it really was. Even if the wether has not been the best possible, my walks and hikings have truly lifted my spirits.

So, I too, will do some posts on Autumn Colours. I hope you will enjoy them as much as I did posting them.

In a previous post I started off in the little village Vittsjö, here in Skåne. This old stone bridge is to be found there as well. Every year I take some photos of it, usually on my way home from work…But, as I do not work now, I do not drive along these roads anymore. Suddenly I felt the urge to see the Vittsjö autumn clothes this year too.

I stopped several times on the road further west, towards the coast. How long would the weather be with me? The promise was for the whole day…

Through the forest and westwards there is a very meandering little road that I love to drive. Maybe not in the winter months though…

If you follow my blog, you know how much I love trees and country roads and paths with grass in the middle. Totti agrees with me in this! We walked this road for half an hour – without reaching the end of it.

Even though I love the smell of newly cut wood, I feel sorry for the fallen trees. On the other hand, we still use much wood when building houses in Sweden – and who does not want a really beautiful floor?

As the evening light was upon us, I turned back and drove homewards. Still some favourite catches though – this stony meadow with its fallen trees and warm and cold colours in a mix.

A drizzling mist was making it even darker, but a stone fence is always a stone fence. I always think of all the hard work behind it. So many hours of heavy and tough gathering first and then also the elaborate work to put the stones together in a sustainable construction. If you tear down a stone fence in Sweden, you will have to rebuild it again. And pay for it yourself.