Four Days With Me

So, now I have been here for four whole days! Thought I would tell you about some things I have learned…and I learn fast.

I have continued the work started by Mille and Totti – undermining the Forsythia bushes.

I have also discovered other hidden gems here…

Like this Buddleia shelter – from where I have a good view of the whole garden!

Indoors, my favorite place is under the table – chewing up as many feet as possible…

And I must say I am happy that the family members here already adore me – all of them, except one…

But I am trying hard to make friends with him, Totti…, and you know –

sooner or later, I am sure even he will have to give in to my charms!




CFFC: Barns or Any Dilapidated Buildings

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Barns or Any Dilapidated Buildings

For Cee – two of my absolute favorites – but I hope you can enjoy them even if they appeared last year on my blog!

CFFC: Kind and Caring

For Cee this week – Kind. To be kind and caring is essential in my life. And so I believe it should be in everyone’s life. A good start is to teach your children to be kind to animals – and to other people of course. But, especially to animals, because animals cannot defend themselves. Humans have always got the upper hand.

The Galapagos Islands shows kind co-existence and its benefits for everyone. And at home, in Sweden, a good example was Mille’s kindness towards the new puppy, Totti. Mille let him do anything without punishing him…Totti thrashed his ears twice with his extremely sharp little teeth. Mille said nothing. Did nothing. We had to go to the vet both times to open his thickened ears and empty them from all that blood.

If you are taught right from the start, you will emerge a kind person throughout life. Being too kind is not the aim, but being Kind.



Raining all day? – Poor Dishevelled Me…

…but I know she meant to make the best of it…

It is not very kind taking close-ups though…when I have been fooling around in the last snow while it was raining…

Did you hear me…? Oh, well – I’ll go back to napping…see you later when dried up…



An Ordinary Tuesday…in Another Voice

…in autumn, winter light. Some days the light is so special that the landscape speaks to you in another voice.

I was driving home, and when turning left over the familiar meadow landscape, the light changed. I stopped the car and went out to enjoy the short play of light. Intensity, softness, strong brown and orange.

The familiar houses, trees, barns, animals – everything seem to lift from the ground and soar towards you.

Looking back from where I came, the view included one of the oldest churches in the Nordic countries, Gumlösa Church, from the 12th century.

Maybe you think it is all very ordinary, but to me it is not. Living close to an open landscape is almost like living by the sea. The light changes every hour, and so does your view and interpretation of the landscape.

Soon the frost will cover these rich brown meadows, and give me another interpretation…but today I enjoy just This magic light.

In the header picture, I feel the sky almost mirrors the ground and the grass. I waited some ten minutes, silent and quiet, in the middle of the landscape.

The Early Bird Catches the Worm

Yesterday morning I went with Totti for our daily morning walk – but soon realized that this morning would be something special. Frosty, no wind, sun from a clear blue sky. This grey autumn, there has not been many opportunities for the two of us to really enjoy the early mornings… so, I went back after three minutes, grabbed my camera and the car keys – and off we went.

The path starts 5 minutes from my home, up in the forest. No cows today, they have been taken to the barn for the winter. Silence, but for some small birds chirping happily in the first rays of sun. Follow the path down and turn right at the bend, and you will soon see…

…your own shadow on the left side of the path, in the golden morning light.

In the corner, down to the right, the shadow of Totti is sitting down, waiting patiently for me to go on walking. And not only his shadow…himself as well…

On turning right, the sun is peeping through the old trees in the east, gently providing long shadows and turning the frost into shiny green.

Totti is enjoying the fresh air and some good rolls in the leaves. Breathing is easy – and I feel so grateful for being alive on a day like this.

As we walk down the path, I look right – and a wall of glorious trees is looking back at me. This is indeed my country.

This morning, I will remember during the long and rainy winter days to come. But now, both Totti and me are getting hungry for breakfast… having spent some refreshing, silent hours in our favorite landscape.

I hope you are returning with me – or else you will not have any breakfast!

(As usual, click for a larger view.)

WPC: Earth

Cheri reminds us of the upcoming Earth Day, and if something or someone needs our love and support, it is her: Planet Earth.

We all have our separate thoughts and interpretations of ”Earth”, and I am thinking… my choice must be a favourite little piece of her. A place where I can cry over all our wrong doings, ponder over life in general and be grateful and happy about the good things in life. A place of beauty, a place for new hope and strength. This must be, a place with a tree. My old trees. Go here for more of our beautiful Planet Earth.

Thursday Thoughts

Spring is finally here. I am so grateful. Today we had a great 10 kilometre hike, me, my mother and Totti. We were out the whole afternoon, and brought food and coffee as well. The first day this year for eating outdoors, which is something we highly treasure here in Sweden. A short gallery of the day – we were all very happy and enjoying every second!