Ese’s Weekly Shoot & Quote Challenge: Pleasure

An inordinate passion for pleasure is the secret of remaining young
Oscar Wilde

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Ese’s Weekly Shoot & Quote Challenge: Celebrate

We’re all here at the same time and we should celebrate that.

George Weinberg

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Ese’s Weekly Shoot & Quote Challenge: Whole

An early morning walk is a blessing for the whole day.

Henry David Thoreau

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Ese’s Weekly Shoot & Quote Challenge: Wings

Birds have wings; they’re free; they can fly where they want when they want. They have the kind of mobility many people envy.

Roger Tory Peterson

The soul has illusions as the bird has wings: It is supported by them.

Victor Hugo

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Ese’s Weekly Shoot & Quote Challenge: Awakening

Life is a magnificent manifestation where if we honour Sacred Mother Earth, rivers of love will flow freely. New levels of spiritual awareness are upon us and by recognizing their beauty we can inspire every aspect of our lives. Let your soul be an oasis of transformation that takes your life to the next level and fulfills your dreams. Rejoice in your awakening, the future is now and love is in every breath you take.

Micheal Teal

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Ese’s Weekly Shoot & Quote Challenge: Mysterious

The moment one gives close attention to any thing, even a blade of grass it becomes a mysterious, awesome, indescribably magnificent world in itself.

Henry Miller

A world of roots in February

Mysterious grass world…

Hidden in another mysterious world – look closely…

A sunny, summer, lichen world …

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Ese’s Weekly Shoot & Quote Challenge: Inspiration

Anne Frank once said: How wonderful it is that nobody need wait a single moment before starting to improve the world. This is something as inspirational as it is important to realize…

Inspiration är temat för Esenga denna vecka. Jag väljer att visa två bilder från Naturvetardagarna i Lund förra veckan, där forskare vid universitetet föreläser om sin forskning för studenter från hela Sverige (och deras lärare.)

Den första handlade om skogen och hållbar utveckling och den andra om att hundar och andra rovdjur faktiskt är värmesökande missiler. Forskaren fotograferade med värmekamera och kunde konstatera att den kalla nosen förmodligen används för att lokalisera bytesdjur med hjälp av den värme detta djur utstrålar. Inte bara doften skulle alltså styra rovdjuren, utan kroppsvärmen från bytet. Forskaren lyckas förmodligen bevisa detta, eftersom han till exempel redan tränat upp hundar att plocka ut den varmaste av flera uppvärmda lerkrukor.

As Ese wants to know what gives us inspiration, I immediately thought of our day in Lund last week – visiting the Science Days where lecturers at Lund University introduce science students from the whole of Sweden (and their teachers) to new scientific research. Inspirational indeed!

Here are two of them that I was fortunate enough to listen to. The first one was about trees (of course I had to listen to this one!) and sustainability, and the second one about dogs and other predators being heat-seeking missiles. They are able to track down their prey not only because of the smell, but also because of the heat the other animal is radiating. The scientist photographed the dogs and other predators in infrared, and tried to prove his theory that their noses are kept cold (using an intricate system in their heads) so that they can find their prey through feeling its heat. He was clearly going to succeed in proving this, because he had already trained dogs on heated pots – they could easily pick out the warmest pot of them.

Thought is the wind, knowledge the sail, and mankind the vessel.

Augustus Hare

As knowledge increases, wonder deepens.
Charles Morgan

Ese’s Weekly Shoot & Quote Challenge: Hot

Some like it hot…but who would guess that I was once going to quote Paris Hilton? This photo is from one of the hot areas on Iceland. Please stick to the path here…

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This is Earth. Isn’t it hot?

Paris Hilton

Ese’s Weekly Shoot & Quote Challenge: Diversity

We’re stunned by the diversity of rocks. This stuff looks like it was put into a blender.

Stephen Squyres

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Ese’s Weekly Shoot & Quote Challenge: Empty

I feel very at home in an empty church. I feel the most protected. It’s very mystical.
Jean Dujardin
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