SL-WEEK 14: Memory

A Memory, for Sylvain Landry. One of the most heartbraking cemeteries I have visited ever – and I have visited many. This is the Jewish cemetery in Warsaw, where thousands and thousands of Jews are resting after the war massacres. Nobody left to care for the graves. Crumbling stones and solemn trees. A tragedy never to be forgotten.

Warsaw – A Miracle of Old and New – Stroll III

Time for a final stroll in Warsaw – a city of surprises. Much glass, interesting architecture. i fell in love with the University Library and its gardens. And also the pride of the city – The Copernikus Centre on the river Wisla.

The library, finished 1999, was invitingly modern and I knew it was to have a gigantic glassed garden terrace overviewing the river and surroundings.

The impressive entrance – a dream in green and lilac.

Indoors, much air and glass – again. We tried several assistants and guards to get to the glassed gardens on the roof…but…no, we were not allowed there. They didn’t open until…the next day!

Instead we went out in the lower garden to see them from the outside. Art work everywhere and interesting architectural ideas.

The glassed gardens are on the right and left side here, and the closed gates are on either side of the solar cells.

The huge middle ”half moon” would have been great to see from the inside as well – maybe a couple of weeks later with a green canopy.

Further down the road, on the banks of the river Wisla, is situated the pride of Warsaw, The Copernicus Center, ”Heaven of Copernicus”. In Copenhagen we have a centre built on comparatively the same ideas: Experiments and journeys in time and space; but we stayed on the outside this time.

Back in the city centre again. Of course I have to finish with Zlote Tarasy – ”The Golden Terraces”, in rain. For me, this shopping centre is a symbol of the new Warsaw.

# 295 Strandad – Stranded (128/365)

Strandad är hon, sjöljungfrun vid floden Wisla i Warszawa.

Stranded she is, the mermaid, on the river Wisla in Warsaw.