CFFC: Rain or Rainbows

For Cee this week – Rain or Rainbows – luckily I found both!

And I could not resist my pretty little Swiss girls either – surely they are little rainbows both of them?

Cee’s B&W Photo Challenge: Bikes of Any Kind


I loved meeting this happy guy last summer – and he let me take a photo of him and his old military bike. So I guess it fits Cee’s ”bikes of any kind”.




MC Veterans – Don’t We Just Love Them!

This summer there were some 75 bikers having lunch at my friends’ place. I had the opportunity to meet them, chat a bit and take photos of the great guys and their shining machines. Enjoy the gallery!


WPC: Numbers

Numbers…I seldom photograph numbers. I’m not that much into mathematics, and my profession includes more of letters…so, in my photos there are … letters instead.

Nevertheless,  I do have one of my favourite numbers here, created by a woman of letters, for Ben and WordPress….For more numbers, click here.


Nya Zeeland 1 073

… in this second photo, from NZ, you get a free, kneeling,  selfie as well!

CFFC: Doors and Windows

Doors and windows for Cee – here are two examples showing windows as doors and doors as windows. I hope that counts!

– The doors are windows in the Danish trains, and the header showing the same phenomenon in China. In a Chinese garden you will find many of these round doors, looking like and working as windows as well.


#223 Plan – Plane (341/365)

Mitt favoritplan – alla kategorier! Den mest fantastiska säkerhetsvideon, den mest underbara personal och den magiska silver fern på stjärten.

En dag ska jag åka dit igen…

My favourite plane – all categories! The most entertaining security videos, the most interesting crew and the magical silver fern on the tail. Nothing beats New Zealand!

Someday…I’ll go back…