Thursday Thoughts – Fresh Air and Open Landscapes

Another chilly day of clear skies – so, if you feel like it – you are welcome to join me for a short drive in the nearby countryside.

The farms are lying out there, waiting…for the season to start…for life to return to the land.
Some farmers have already started – where the fields have dried up there are some spots softly turning green.
I pass the meadows, but there’s no cattle out there yet…
…only some horses enjoying the sun near the barn. Can you hear the silence…? Almost touchable.
I never tire of the old oak trees – in fact I love them even more during winter time. I’d love to walk up close, but there is an electric fence I cannot climb. It is there to protect both cattle and trees.
I am waiting… Maybe next time I pass here, everything will have turned ”springy” green. Thank you for keeping me company on the tour!

Thursday Thoughts – Life Returning

A year after my hiking forest went down I thought I would return for a new photo documentation. What has happened since then – is life returning, what and how?

Memories of the old forest are obvious, tangible,

– but life is slowly returning.

Grasses mostly – moving waves in the wind – covering and discovering…

… roots

– still holding on to the soil.

But grasses are the masters here now – mostly wavy hair-grass.

And I feel happy and hopeful. New beginnings, new life.

Thursday Thoughts – A Cherry Walk

One of the most beautiful places in Skåne, Sweden, is the Hills of Brösarp.

A small taste of them – and rural harmony –

a late afternoon in Spring.

Gentle cowslips glowing in the grass. I guess you can tell, May is my favorite month.





Tuesday Photo Challenge – Yard

For Frank this week. I’d love a yard with trees, leaves, cats – and wine as a roof.