CFFC: Shadows

For Cee today – one of my favorite shadows from the years with my dog Mille, and some lovely fence patterns from where I do not remember.

Lens-Artists Challenge #32 – Shadows

In the header, the grand Aqueduct of Segovia, Spain. A picture where you cannot ignore the importance of shadows. For Tina’s challenge this week – Shadows.

Shadow owes its birth to light.
John Gay

Even the tiniest creature/ thing displays a delicate shadow when there is light enough

And as you move, your shadow moves with you…

In the late evening… the shadows make us a delightful pair – the cherry tree and me

The fence, in Riga, Latvia – one of my favorite pictures ever

Some flowers look their best in the shadows of other flowers in my garden

The golden browns of the dunes become enhanced by the shadows

…and the trees provide soothing shadow while they thrive and reach for the light

Thank you to Tina for a lovely challenge, and a homage to the importance of shadows.


Find beauty not only in the thing itself but in the pattern of the shadows, the light and dark which that thing provides.

Junichiro Tanizaki





Cee’s B&W Photo Challenge: Outdoor – Walks or Roads

Outdoor – Walks or Roads for Cee’s challenge. Please join in the fun!

Driving a (to me) new road, I tried the GPS we got from a friend this Christmas – I am old fashioned…never had one before – and it lead me to a dead end street. The road was closed. At first I was disappointed…but, looking out of the window on my left hand side, I saw an iron fence, and behind that, a path twisting and winding through a beautiful landscape. Of course I had to walk that path – and Totti did not say no.

Having accidentally found this lovely hiking path, I plan to return in spring (if I can find my way back to this spot…) – would love to see the beeches green and the water merrily sing along with the birds.

The Blue Glass Bar – And The Brasserie

Welcome to the Glass Bar at Kosta Boda Art Hotel – care for a cool drink?

The designer is Kjell Engman, and the colour is – Blue –

After a relaxing chat over a drink in the bar, admiring the architecture as well as the atmosphere, we had to see the brasserie as well before dinner.

Totally different, with a laid back and cozy atmosphere. Fly me to the moon…in a glass balloon…

A delicious dinner was waiting, so we reluctantly had to leave. In fact, I went down to the bar once more, before leaving next day. To me, this was the ultimate feast for the eye –

– the only drink needed. We will be back.

The Early Bird Catches the Worm

Yesterday morning I went with Totti for our daily morning walk – but soon realized that this morning would be something special. Frosty, no wind, sun from a clear blue sky. This grey autumn, there has not been many opportunities for the two of us to really enjoy the early mornings… so, I went back after three minutes, grabbed my camera and the car keys – and off we went.

The path starts 5 minutes from my home, up in the forest. No cows today, they have been taken to the barn for the winter. Silence, but for some small birds chirping happily in the first rays of sun. Follow the path down and turn right at the bend, and you will soon see…

…your own shadow on the left side of the path, in the golden morning light.

In the corner, down to the right, the shadow of Totti is sitting down, waiting patiently for me to go on walking. And not only his shadow…himself as well…

On turning right, the sun is peeping through the old trees in the east, gently providing long shadows and turning the frost into shiny green.

Totti is enjoying the fresh air and some good rolls in the leaves. Breathing is easy – and I feel so grateful for being alive on a day like this.

As we walk down the path, I look right – and a wall of glorious trees is looking back at me. This is indeed my country.

This morning, I will remember during the long and rainy winter days to come. But now, both Totti and me are getting hungry for breakfast… having spent some refreshing, silent hours in our favorite landscape.

I hope you are returning with me – or else you will not have any breakfast!

(As usual, click for a larger view.)

Fresh Air and Art – The Modern Łódź Fabryczna

Vivi entered the B&W Challenge in my recent post…and if you look closely, you can see she is very impressed by this new railway station – and so was I – exploring it for more than an hour. Originally it was meant for high-speed-trains, but due to the latest estimated cost of 10 billion Euro, the high-speed line was put on hold.

Anyway, air and space, light and art – you cannot but feel good here!

Łódź Fabryczna is the largest and most modern railway station in the city. According to Wikipedia, it was originally constructed in the centre of Łódź, at the initiative of industrialist Karol Scheibler in 1865.

Art exhibition in two levels!

The old station was closed on October 16, 2011, and in June 2012 it was demolished to make way for the building of a new station below ground level. It reopened on 11 December 2016.

Today, we also noticed that our Swedish company, SKANSKA, is working the construction site nearby. What they are building? I have no answer to that.





Parks and Alleys – Light is Everywhere

For five years Łódź has been hosting the Light Move Festival, and last year there were 50 000 visitors. I can understand why. Let us count down…and walk with the crowd!

Many planets and clouds moving –

And, let us count down again…and have a spooky walk in the park…with wild animals, hanging tree witches and other creatures!

Detta bildspel kräver JavaScript.

What about giant shining flowers made of plastic bottles? Or the traditional balloons!

In the big square we enjoyed the Grand Finale – The Rossman Building and the cathedral, dancing and moving in spectacular light shows …The short movies are on my Facebook and on Instagram – it is not possible to transmit the feeling with only photos…

My favourite birds though…over there to the right. Then we finished off with our own ”Rosegarden”, sparkling in the darkness. It has got a special and very touching story – go to Viveka at Myguiltypleasures to read it! Good night to you all!


Bling Bling or Magical?

One of the alleyways to Piotrkowska Street sent a magical spell across our path…Viveka saw the shimmering light – and in we went. Hate or enjoy? Anyway it has a special and very touching story – go to Viveka at Myguiltypleasures to read it!


Thursday Thoughts – Some Nordic Magic…

Last week I, Viveka and Sue, visited Kyrkö Mosse and the cars buried there. The athmosphere here is very special, and you cannot but feel it – in your heart and bones. There is also something with the grasses, the soft, green moss and the brown rust…

…something that touches you deeply.

And it is not only the contrast of the soft againts the rough or the living against the dead or the fragrance against the decay…

This Something touches your very soul.

At least if you are Swedish or Scandinavian…


…you will feel the Magic…


Detta bildspel kräver JavaScript.

It is all around you…

…and you half expect Princess Tuvstarr sitting there, gazing down into the water…

…and maybe she still is…because she, and John Bauer who once created the watercolour of her – they are both part of our national heritage. Many of us grew up with Bauer’s fantastic paintings,  especially Tuvstarr and the moose Skutt.

Tiny, pretty princesses, handsome princes and noblemen, bold young lads, old witches and giant trolls of the deep forests of the North – they are all an eternal and vibrant part of Sweden´s national heritage through the genius of artist JOHN BAUER, the Art Nouveau master of Nordic mysticism.

For more of John Bauer’s art, click here.