Lens-Artists Photo Challenge: Cooling


Here in Scandinavia – and several other European countries – we have endured a more than two months’ long heat wave, with temperatures exceeding everything since measurements started in Sweden hundreds of years ago. To function – cooling is essential.

One of my fondest memories of cooling is from 2015, when we were hiking the spectacular Verzasca Valley in Tessin, Switzerland. After some tough hours on foot, the temperature hit 34 degrees C – and we felt an urgent need to cool down. Fast cooling was offered with a swim in the 14 degrees C glacier water of the Verzasca river.

How would you capture cooling in a photograph? Is it an image like this one, showing a much-needed, cooling swim? Or is it maybe a giant ice-cream on the beach, or a dog in a bucket of water in your back yard? Show us your interpretation in a new post.


Here are the guidelines:

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We had so many great responses to our first photo challenge!

Have You Seen These?

Deborah found a really special wonder in the Perry Sandhills – Wentworth. See her entry here:


And Helen reminds us that ”Everything is a wonder, when we see through children’s eyes.” See her entry here:

Lens-Artists Photo Challenge: Wonder


Amy will be your host for the next challenge on Saturday, July 21.

Missed our initial challenge announcement? See details here.

CFFC: Week 1 Photo – Window etc.

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Week 1 Photo – geometry, bushes, window, brick, etc

Switzerland has much to offer – a little village totally covered in decorations like these. I hope this covers some of the words – at least windows, bushes and geometry!

CFFC: Rain or Rainbows

For Cee this week – Rain or Rainbows – luckily I found both!

And I could not resist my pretty little Swiss girls either – surely they are little rainbows both of them?

WPC: Quest

Cheri Lucas Rowlands encourages us to show a picture of Quest. An almost impossible task…When I think of this word, Quest, I think of all my teaching years in literature and all the glorious quests portrayed there:


The Epic of Gilgamesh, a Sumerian story, The Odyssey by Homer, Siddhartha by Herman Hesse, The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings by J.R.R. Tolkien, The Alchemist  by Paulo Coelho and of course The Harry Potter series by J.K Rowling.

In these stories, the protagonists set out to almost impossible tasks, leaving home and safety plunging  into the unknown. So, where am I, a 21st century, middle aged woman, in all this? What is my Quest?

I guess in my little world there are no big ”saving the world”- quests – maybe saving myself quests only. I am constantly searching for and heading towards Inner Peace, being kind and compassionate along the road. I find peace in Nature and through doing good things, helping other fellow passengers on this route.

Hopefully, one day, I will be standing there, feeling that my quest is completed. I will be  completely calm and at peace with myself and the world.






WPC: Mirror

Mirror, mirror on the wall…Which is the best representation of them all?

This is a challenge where I think most people have many options in their archives – interesting…which ones do we choose?

In the header is a Bilbao photo from opposite the Guggenheim museum. There is this house mirroring a bridge with a red car passing. The other three photos I guess you have seen before – if you are following my blog.

For more of mirrors, click here.

Switzerland, the Fluela Pass in the early morning.

My beloved Mille…looking out for me, walking in the late evening.

Hamnen, Auckland. Vid fiskmarknaden.

 Auckland harbour by the fish market.

CFFC: Bridges

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Bridges

I have one special favourite of all bridges…the old Roman bridge in Switzerland, Verzasca valley. Read my post about this valley here.

Another favourite bridge, actually an aqueduct, is Pont du Gard in France. But you can no longer walk Pont du Gard. I did in 1976, on top, about 50 cm width and I had my Swedish clogs on. I guess I should be grateful to have survived that walk…

Click the link for more beautiful bridges!

The Verzasca Valley

CB&W Challenge: Fences and Gates

Fences and gates are often in my lens. Not only because of their beauty, but often because of their originality, showing off the inventive spirit of their builders.

Riga med omnejd 2015 713_copy1

Riga outdoor museum

Gran Canaria 2013 359_copyGran Canaria

For Cee’s Fences also, in the header, a Swiss alpine fence.

More inspiration here.

WPC: Landscape


For this week’s challenge, Cheri wants us to share a photo of a landscape: a wide establishing shot of a scene in nature or an urban setting.

This is the Flüela Pass in Switzerland. Summer morning, crystal clear, not a wind. Breathe!

For more of landscapes, click here.

Cee’s Black & White Photo Challenge: Faraway

Cee is asking us to present something faraway. Switzerland is rather representative for this in its landscapes. I chose one traditional photo of a glacier for the concept ”faraway” and the other one following Cee’s example with something up front, close, and then the rest faraway.

Schweiz 3 283_copy

SL-WEEK 24: Machine

Machines I’m impressed by are the mountain trains – here in Switzerland. They climb, sometimes very steep, several thousands of metres and they go down the same way. Seemingly undisturbed, effortless. And they are comfortable as well.

For Sylvain Landry. What machines are you impressed by? Join in and let us know!