WPC: Pedestrian

Walking down Piotrkowska – our street (the 5 km main street) in Łódź – we met many lovely pedestrians. This lady was no exception, only a very bright and colourful one. Maybe the background might be called a bit pedestrian (adj), though?

WPC: Windows

From Michelle, WordPress, we get Windows – how to frame our message…Here is Łódź, Poland, Grand Hotel Café.


WPC: Waiting

From Cheri – a wish for us to show ”waiting”. I am just filling in what she already started…because noone can do the waiting business like a dog can!

In the header, sweet Seonaid’s (my Scottish blogger friend at Breathofgreenair) two bearded collies, and down under my own Mille.


WPC: Structure

The perfect structure of the wings is best seen when the wings are closed – this Vanessa cardui, known as ”the painted lady”, displays a wonder of delicate structure. It is not very common in Sweden, but some three-four years ago we had about 20 of them in our buddleyas. This year, I have only seen two of them – but two wonders!

WPC: Ooh, Shiny!


What about you: what is guaranteed to distract you? What is your “Ooh, shiny!”? To distract me? A spectacular flower!


WPC: Elemental and Travel theme: Numerals

Where do we find it all? In London of course!

WPC: Elemental 

Travel theme: Numerals

WPC: Textures

WordPress – textures this week. How about one mostly natural and the other manmade…

The same…but different…


WPC: Satisfaction

Jen at WordPress wants to know about what gives us satisfaction – and well, every February, week 8, I get a lot of that… I give my 144 potplants a total makeover!

WPC: Unusual

Unusual…well, my daughter spotted this unusual grave decoration when we visited the beautiful Highgate Cemetery, London. The much loved author Douglas Adams’ fans leave their most precious pens in the pot. Of course we did as well. We are all only Hitchhikers here, aren’t we…