WPC: Beloved

Beloved – My Family

And – the forest in spring, when the beech trees explodes in light shades of green.



WPC: Weathered

This weathered Castle we found in a forlorn place in the Spanish countryside. We saw the pinnacles sticking up from the treetops and headed for it. A fairy tale castle!



WPC: Favorites – Meeting Arthur!

Arthur – I met him and talked to him and touched him (posted here) – my most emotional photos this year. My favorites. Not technically good any of them, but I was only focused on Arthur – a champion of heroes!

A stray dog who followed our Swedish multi sport team in the World Championships in Ecuador – through tough jungle and many hardships. He was determined to stay with the team and its leader Michael Lindnord. Michael and Arthur bonded immediately, and later Michael brought Arthur home to Sweden to live with his new family.

The team went from four to five – here they cross the line!


I was all shaky, but surely you can see in the header, that his eyes tell about his kind soul!


WPC: Ascend

From Krista at WordPress-


There are many interpretations possible – as many as there are people in the world – that is the idea with this weekly challenge, and that is why I like it!

WPC: Temporary

Everything in life is temporary. I know. But sometimes, we would just give anything to keep that precious moment alive… and we know that we cannot… make it stay. No photos, no written words…nothing is in our power to hold on to it. In our hearts we can keep this moment, maybe, but soon time will change our memories of it… until we do not know what truly happened or what we truly felt.

Ben asks us for a photo that says temporary. Of course our children are the ones who make us feel this ”temporary” the hardest way. But also the seasons do. I go to the forest to make the best of my days, and yesterday, I went just before sunset. A beautiful autumn day had come to an end, and the leaves will all soon fall to the ground, adorning the forest floor. All the beauty made a sadness come over me, and I lay down beneath the thin canopy to think, and to take a photo – this photo. A futile try to make the moment stay, but I believe we both felt the same, my best friend, Totti, and I. Everything is temporary – enjoy every day if you can.

WPC: Peek

From Michelle at WordPress – a wish for a peek…something teasing you to want more…

High up in the Bulgarian mountains you will find the door to this gem…


WPC: Rounded

In Sofia, Bulgaria, I walked past this bar at night, a marvel of roundedness? Click here for more rounded entries on WordPress!



WPC: Glow

Most people love things that glow. Who can resist… a sunset? My choice for this week’s challenge is a photo from Iceland and the winter sun’s last glow after a glorious day.