Travel Theme: One colour

For Ailsa at Where’s My Backpack? One Colour is the theme. My entries are from Jämtland, Skåne and my garden.

Travel Theme: Smooth

Travel theme for Ailsa at Where’s My Backpack? Smooth. My response is about some of the smoothest things I know:

Well worn wood, the soft covering on garlic and birds swimming smoothly in soft water. This one also captured the fish very smoothly – and let it slide down easily as well…

WPC: Blur

For this week’s challenge we are to leave a blurry entry – easily done for me…Here is more of blur!

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Colorful Monotones

Colorful monotones for Cee…but they still are a bit of pastell now in Spring! For more colours, click here.

Travel Theme: Outdoors

For Ailsa at Where’s My Backpack? I have chosen my home outdoors – close to where I live. I spend most of my time walking there.

Sommar 2013 010_copy

Travel Theme: Spring

Spring is on its way here…but only slowly, slowly showing. Frost every night now – keeping the flowers and buds at bay. There are a few sunbathing butterflies and some shy anemonies though, for the most part hanging their heads in the cold wind. Signs otherwise? Seems to be all about twigs…birds, ants and humans alike!

# 362 Ögonkast – Glance (120/365)

Det var verkligen inte många av alla de hundratals råkor i Lund som spatserar, flyger, plockar pinnar, häckar – och smutsar ner… som ville agera linslöss, men den här gav mig i alla fall ett nyfiket ögonkast!

Not many of these rooks (hundreds of them during my walk in Lund) wanted to be photographed – but this one even glanced at me curiously…Even if they often are quite a nuisance – isn’t he/she rather a pretty one?