Saturday – Garden Day

Much to do in the garden these days…

Cherries and plums are in flower

And I walk under the marvelous canopies, listening to the busy bees

Loving every flower and every sound –

– Today the Nightingale arrived

The wonder of every Spring – is something to be so grateful for

An Admiral a Peacock and a Bumblebee

An ordinary Monday. A beautiful world.

An Admiral and a Peacock

…and a bumblebee.

Thursday Thoughts – In the Hive

My number one goal with the London trip was Kew Gardens. I think the year was 1977 last time, or maybe 1979. As you who read this blog will know, I love gardens and flowers. Maybe especially English gardens, because of their soft and soothing architecture and lines. But this time, I also found the most mindful spot – The Hive.

A well thought through installation, and a high quality space for mindfulness.

The Hive stands 17 metres high, set in a meadow of wild flowers. The installation is  connected to a real beehive, from where you, through several canals, are able to follow the sounds and vibrations of the bees.

We all know the importance of bees, and as scientists have proved – without bees we will not survive on this planet.

In  this structure, you cannot shut out the light – you cannot stop it from seeping in. Looking straight up from the ground beneath, there are also… feet to be seen…

…and inside the construction, the blue sky is visible from every corner. Slow down and listen to the bees working, humming soothingly. Add some distant music… and this will be your reaction…

Meditative moments…Mindfulness…


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There is Still Time…

There is still time…to live and love the last days of summer. There is still time…to remember the softest moments of nature’s glory – the morning walks and the evening light. Little things…little creatures. Let us rejoice.




Ant Invasion and a Teenage Party

At least once a year we visit Wanås, the park and the new installations. A must!

Rafael Gómezbarro’s installation ”Casa tomada” wants to portray the stream of refugees in the world, where the climbing ants are symbols for the hard working migrant. The installation comes from Bogota´and the house of parliament there.

Nathalie Djurberg and Hans Berg are the artists behind the installation ”In dreams”. You can hear the sound coming through the forest before you find it. Want to party?

Want to know a bit more about Wanås and the exhibition? Click here.

WPC: Pure

In spring everything is pure…Yesterday I met this beautiful demoiselle. In silence he watched me passing by.



Thursday Thoughts – Desert Inhabitants

Life in the desert – we all know there is life, but for me it was rather a shock to see how Much life.

Human beings might turn up – like in the header – but seldom without camels.

If you walk the dunes of the Sahara Desert an early morning, waiting for the sunrise, there are other creatures catching your attention…

…like this super fast moving gerbil, or desert rat. Puffs of sand coming up of this hole made me curious…

I waited for him to show himself properly…but swooosh, and he was up and back in his hole in less than a milli – second, digging along again. At least I got a glimpse of his fascinatingly big eyes!

After the sunrise, we walked over the dunes towards the camp. The grey light had shifted into pink, and was now turning more and more into a warm yellow. But who is making these patterns then? And, looking at the tiny footprints, there must be a multitude of these creatures…

And here he is – a scarab beetle scuttling the big sand waves. I guess a cousin to those scarabs highly revered in old Egypt. In the shadow of a dune I found this little one digging along.

We rode camels to the dunes and watched the sunset from one of them. A beautiful experience – beyond words. One of the Berber men told us we had been followed by a desert fox – I was sorry he did not tell us when the fox was still there.

Lastly – a picture of the scarab footprints…and something else…Who made these tunnels under the sand? I hope someone out there in the blogosphere has the answer!

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