Lost – and Found

On our way in the early morning for another mountain hike – we suddenly came upon this strange settlement. A set of caves with real doors and windows. Dogs barking and people up and on the move.

Guanches? Strictly speaking, the Guanches were the indigenous peoples of Tenerife, but  the name came to be applied to the indigenous populations of all the seven Canary Islands, those of Tenerife being the most important or powerful.

Guanches refer to the aboriginal Berber inhabitants of the Canary Islands, and it is believed that they migrated to the archipelago around 1000 BC or perhaps earlier.

The population probably lived in relative isolation up to the 14th century, but after the Spanish conquest of the Canaries they were (almost totally) ethnically and culturally absorbed by Spanish settlers.

A bit touristy this settlement…and yes, soon a bus arrived with camera people swarming out…But, on the other side of the road, people were, for real, living in caves. Nobody looked that way…And if you look closely at the header picture, you will find the dog standing there – the one I used for Abandoned or Alone in Cee’s B&W challenge.

Detta bildspel kräver JavaScript.

Well, when we continued driving towards the mountains, we realized we were lost – this was a dead end road –  and not at all the road leading to our planned hike….But, instead we had found these interesting caves!

They day was turning into evening, so we had to return to our apartment. Again passing this strange wind mill. Why do you build one right in the factory- and shopping ghetto?


Thursday’s Special: Pick a word in December – Y2

This was great fun – I just had to pick all the words given by Paula at Lost in Translation!


The Remains of eight New Zealand opossum – brought home by my daughter from her volunteer work there

Portrayal – a study of Totti for a dog journal







Stellar – New Year’s EveSagaciousNon-Violence, the bronze sculpture by Carl Fredrik Reuterswärd


CFFC: Letter N – Needs to start with the letter N

For Cee’s challenge this week – Napping dogs in the mid day heat in Spain.




CFFC: Letter L – Needs to have at least two syllables

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Letter L – Needs to have at least two syllables

Well – it had to be a lagotto of course…and a Lego Lady (or two).

Sofia – Day and Night

The symbol of the city, Sveta Sofia – Saint Sophia, stands on a 48 feet high pedestal at a big crossroads in the city centre of Sofia. The 24 feet, copper and bronze statue by the sculptor Georgi Chapkanov, was erected in 2000, and stands in a spot once occupied by a statue of Lenin, and before him, a statue of Apollon.

Sophia was considered too erotic and pagan to be referred to as a saint, and she is not even highlighted, like many other statues are. Still, she carries the symbols of power (crown), fame (wreath) and wisdom (owl). The crown is also a reference to the Goddess of Fate – Tyche, inspired by the old emblem of Sofia dating back to 1900.

I think I prefer this handsome gentleman in traditional uniform…He kindly let me take a photo, and I was so pleased.

A walk with more of my impressions of the city –

Of course I have to finish with a gorgeous tram…at least I think it is gorgeous. Not new, emerald green, squeaking and rattling along the street – no risk being run over!

The Early Bird Catches the Worm

Yesterday morning I went with Totti for our daily morning walk – but soon realized that this morning would be something special. Frosty, no wind, sun from a clear blue sky. This grey autumn, there has not been many opportunities for the two of us to really enjoy the early mornings… so, I went back after three minutes, grabbed my camera and the car keys – and off we went.

The path starts 5 minutes from my home, up in the forest. No cows today, they have been taken to the barn for the winter. Silence, but for some small birds chirping happily in the first rays of sun. Follow the path down and turn right at the bend, and you will soon see…

…your own shadow on the left side of the path, in the golden morning light.

In the corner, down to the right, the shadow of Totti is sitting down, waiting patiently for me to go on walking. And not only his shadow…himself as well…

On turning right, the sun is peeping through the old trees in the east, gently providing long shadows and turning the frost into shiny green.

Totti is enjoying the fresh air and some good rolls in the leaves. Breathing is easy – and I feel so grateful for being alive on a day like this.

As we walk down the path, I look right – and a wall of glorious trees is looking back at me. This is indeed my country.

This morning, I will remember during the long and rainy winter days to come. But now, both Totti and me are getting hungry for breakfast… having spent some refreshing, silent hours in our favorite landscape.

I hope you are returning with me – or else you will not have any breakfast!

(As usual, click for a larger view.)

Can I please come in for a crash landing…

Dear Jo, I wanted to create a Monday Walk post…but now my computer is in for a total crash. In fact it is half way through. Fortunately I had a vague feeling this would soon happen…so I bought a new computer two weeks ago. But I think it is very troublesome to start up a new computer with new programmes and new ways of using them…So first,

I ventured out of my sick bed yesterday and as the sun was shining, I really tried to enjoy my walk. Coughing and dragging my weary body through the forest….collecting some pictures for you… before I slumped back into bed…totally exhausted. Hope you will enjoy them;-D


WPC: Waiting

From Cheri – a wish for us to show ”waiting”. I am just filling in what she already started…because noone can do the waiting business like a dog can!

In the header, sweet Seonaid’s (my Scottish blogger friend at Breathofgreenair) two bearded collies, and down under my own Mille.


WPC: Friend

Best friends forever…and my best friends forever as well! Mille and Totti …

…for better,

…for worse…