Top of The World

This weekend we had the great joy of having Milo’s little sister, Arena, here – and there he really got a match…wrestling for two days without end. But also learning things and exploring the world together.

OK, so you’ve got something there, have you…

Let me think…

Maybe… if I try to look really bored..

Well –  women’s list – you know…

Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #7: Everyday Moments

Everyday moments – maybe it is easy to forget how important they are, because (I) we seldom succeed in living as mindful as we should… Thank you, Amy, for the opportunity of highlighting some of those precious moments.

Everyday I have to care for my best friends, Totti and Milo. Following their lives is a gift.

Even if I see to their daily needs, sometimes a professional grooming is necessary – especially if you want to win next competition!

Not yet….are they best friends, but it is coming. Milo is slowly learning what he can do… or not…Totti has an angel’s patience – he is really too kind and considerate for his own good.

So, I try to walk Totti alone, just him and me, once a day. Picking berries, finding wild animals – and apple trees – in the forest and meadows.

Some days we go to our summer house, or just to the sea, to relax, and only – exist…

…which is so important…Life is short – someone will soon grow out of those sandals.

Taking a boat to one of the small islands in the archipelago is always a treat.

Driving home to our ordinary house again, the farmers are usually busy in the fields, but this year there is not much left to harvest. The drought has taken its toll.

Every month – not every day – we usually visit some interesting exhibitions. It could be about almost anything. Here a fashion and theater theme by designer Camilla Thulin.

This summer there was no rain – but all the other summers there usually are everyday moments with umbrellas!

During summer, spring or autumn – or all of them – we sometimes get a bit tired of everyday life, and decide to hop on the train/ferry to our neighbor country, Denmark.

Somehow I love train stations…

…and ferries. Some guys are very, very tired of the everyday thing…but there is always room for a ferry feet stretching!

Strolling the streets of Copenhagen is always a treat. To us, Denmark means good food, fantastic exhibitions, lovely people and yellow houses with cosy corners!

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The 3 Day Quote Challenge : #2

So, how can I resist the lovely ”Gypsy” turned into ”Living in Paradise” – as I have followed her adventures with faithful Matilda and handsome Jack? Through gardening, rough wilderness and gentle house sitting, and today more of her talented art…Thank you for nominating me, dear Pauline! I am so glad you are back again –  I will go for it – after all… it is only 3 days!

The rules :

  • Thank the person who nominated you.
  • Post a quote on 3 consecutive days.
  • Share why this quote appeals so much to you.
  • Nominate 3 different bloggers for each day.

Today I am offering all interested to join in! A volunteer wrote as well wanting to contribute,  Blank paper, you are welcome!


The more one gets to know of men, the more one values dogs.

A Toussenel






Man’s Best Friend – For Real

I have never, during my travels, seen so many dogs as I did in Bhutan. And definitely never dogs that well kept. They were everywhere, and they were all quite lovely. Our guide, Rinzen, told us that a dog chooses a door – a house – to which it will return and wait for food every day. And they are fed. With joy.

Here are some of all those that I met, and something of their tasks…named by me…

In Thimpu, we had a hotel with a view – of dogs. There was a construction site outside our window, and some dogs had made it their home. Here is, in short, their story with us.

There is rabies in the country, but mostly on the border to India in the southern part of Bhutan. Thousands of dogs have been vaccinated, and there are many sterilized as well. The government is dealing with it in a constructive and loving way.

Bhutan had many special dogs…but a couple of them more special than the others.

We had lunch at a farmstead one day – an interesting experience and very good food. Then, when we were about to leave, I saw a beautiful dog standing in the garden, looking at me. I lifted my camera slowly while talking to him. But no, he shied away and tried to hide around the corner. I kept talking in a soft voice.

Finally – when I had given up on a photo – he came out on the road to our car, went straight up to me and let me pat him on the head and on the back – touching his thick, shining coat. Surely you can understand from his gentle eyes how sweet he was.

Then he slowly turned around and walked away.






Raining all day? – Poor Dishevelled Me…

…but I know she meant to make the best of it…

It is not very kind taking close-ups though…when I have been fooling around in the last snow while it was raining…

Did you hear me…? Oh, well – I’ll go back to napping…see you later when dried up…



Thursday Thoughts – Meet Sally!

On my forest walk yesterday, with a friend (and no Totti), we met a real charmer – Sally!

Sally Lagotto is a typical Lagotto – not a dull second! Lovely style and colour, friendly, happy and a true glove thief…I had to work hard to catch her, but I hope you enjoy this little girl just as much as we did!

Being a little lady she is more slender than my Totti. She was also some years younger. A pity he could not come this day…He would have loved running in the snow with her!


WPC: Beloved

Beloved – My Family

And – the forest in spring, when the beech trees explodes in light shades of green.



Sweet Memories – Just to Cheer Me Up

Sometimes memories pop up, of the good times we had when both dogs were still with us. Mille and Totti – forever in my heart. The winters were never that grey, and the days were always more bright and sunny. If you miss a beloved best friend…you will know the feeling. Life would be very empty without them!


Thursday’s Special: Message

Two messages? Paula, at Lost in Translation, is only asking for one…but I hope this is OK!

One dog to dog message and one human to human – at least…

WPC: Favorites – Meeting Arthur!

Arthur – I met him and talked to him and touched him (posted here) – my most emotional photos this year. My favorites. Not technically good any of them, but I was only focused on Arthur – a champion of heroes!

A stray dog who followed our Swedish multi sport team in the World Championships in Ecuador – through tough jungle and many hardships. He was determined to stay with the team and its leader Michael Lindnord. Michael and Arthur bonded immediately, and later Michael brought Arthur home to Sweden to live with his new family.

The team went from four to five – here they cross the line!


I was all shaky, but surely you can see in the header, that his eyes tell about his kind soul!