Thursday Thoughts – Searching for Orchids

I mentioned in my delicate colours post, that I originally went out to find the orchids –

– but they were not yet there. I guess it has been too cold a spring for them.

The yellow archangel is another favourite in May – lightening up the forest shadows. Just like angels should.

When I silently reached the wetlands the air was filled with nightingale song and…

…my heart was filled with bumble bees.

I was not alone on the hike, several elderly couples were out with backpacks of ”fika” – the best Swedish word ever…

This boardwalk leads over the orchid fields – but the only flower to be found yet, is another beauty –

– bogbean or buckbean. I find it almost as lovely as an orchid anyway. It will be my closing image before returning home again on the dirt road.  Getting hungry now!

And…it is not me who’s been running over the furrows…

Thursday Thoughts – And I do Love Cows!

Hiking in spring always means meetings with cattle.

And they are always very curious…especially when dogs are around.  In the opener a gang that followed us through their meadow and almost over the fence…

Old farmsteads with apple trees and cherry trees – what could be more beautiful?

Only the cows!

Thursday Thoughts – A Pasque flower Walk in May

This spring is like no other spring – in so many ways. The nights are freezing cold, and many flowers and trees do not grow very much. They even say we might not have new potatoes for Midsummer (a Must…).

I nearly missed out on the Pasque flowers, and arrived just in time to see them in flower –  and faded – at the same time.

The sandy meadows stretch widely in the sun, just by the sea. We seldom go to the sea, so this was a fun opportunity for the dogs. As Milo is only two years old, he still acts like it was the first time. Jumping and bathing like crazy.

Pasque flowers have a special charm. True beauties when in flower – and another kind of delicate beauty when faded. Few flowers are bestowed this gift.

Only about ten centimeters high, they crave a crawl to show their faces.

Leaving the sea and heading to the top of the hills. You can see the Pasque flowers’ home meadow down on your right.

The forest path down again, treats you to orchids as well as other plants and flowers striving in the chilly wind.

After a couple of hours’ sunny walk in the company of our dogs, Totti wanted me to stop photographing and just MOVE ON.

That thought in his little curly head, is nicely demonstrated like this…by not following my husband any more. He just had to let him stay put and wait for me. Any dog owners who recognize this…?


Thursday Thoughts – A Spring Hike

A refreshing hike in our area – we had not visited for many years. In Sweden we are fortunate to use the outdoors even now – if we stay close to home and not travel far.

I think the images mostly speak for themselves – it was a glorious family day.

At the parking, there were no people except us.

Sunny – cloudy – taking turns all day.

Some wood anemones still surviving.

Milo loves trunk balancing – of course he jumped off when I got the camera out…

The goal for the day – the falls.

Looking back is always a good idea.

There are many lovely cottages in this area – thatched roofs are popular. My aunt once had a thatched roof that caught fire during a thunder storm – a frightening experience.

Sweet Veronica leaning against the barn wall.

Back at our starting point again, we walked around the hostel houses – closed during corona times of course. But so charming and so Skåne, my part of Sweden.