Tuesday Photo Challenge – Back Catalogue

For Frank this week – a memory. ”…find an image in your back catalog that still grabs your attention and share it!” This is the only time in my life that I have seen snowy apples…our neighbour had not finished his autumn harvest, and suddenly, one morning, it was snowing heavily. I can say I was fast getting my camera out. I still love the sight of those snow capped apples!


CFFC: Reds

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Red

There are so many kinds of reds…

…but my favorite ones are always natural

Of course the Swedish Falu red (made from copper) house is a must, and so is Christmas red! Wishing you all a lovely week!

Amazon Lily

This year my Amazon lily has got 6 stems with 5-7 flowers on each one of them.

I fell in love with this flower at first sight – when I was in my twenties.

I bought a bulb in the 1980’s when we had a very good plant shop in the nearest town – where I worked then.

I have always loved flowers, and very seldom fail with new ones – I am always well prepared. But the Amazon lily – no. The first bulb did not ever come up above the soil.

The second one did. But only never to set flowers. Then I got an upcoming pot plant from an old collegue of mine. Or in fact, from his wife. He grows orchids and she loves plants too –

On their porch she had 5-6 Amazon plants – and she gave away one of them to me. With a piece of good advice…

Let them stand outdoors during summer – and they will shoot flowers.

They did, already the first year.

Now they stand out there from May to September – and they grow marvelously beautiful flowers – with scent like a dream.

They stand below the grapes – getting ready now to eat. They really match – the grapes and the Amazon lily. In outdoors beauty. And eating – with eyes as well.



Thursday’s Special – Pick a Word in June -y3

For the lovely Paula at Lost in Translation – a new word lesson! This time, I had to look up pullulating and victuals. Thank you for the useful knowledge. Interpreted my way.

Pictures from Sweden, Switzerland, New Zealand, Poland and Britain.












Reflective – in the header another interpretation…

WPC: Sweet


Sweets for my sweet, sugar for my honey…

Jam and cupcakes…

And strawberries – the queen of summer!




Travel theme: Seeds

Travel theme: Seeds

I love those autumn capsules and seeds in my garden – colour and form are both elegant and sophisticated.

WPC: Surprise


Surprise – well, some surprises over the years are not easily forgotten. First out in the header – when our neighbours had not picked their red apples before the snow got them…and the second one – the first time I saw a swimming bus… in The Danube!