Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #110 – Creativity in the Time of Covid

“One day you will wake up and there won’t be any more time to do the things you’ve always wanted. Do it now.”

Paulo Coelho

And many of us tried, hard, this summer.

Last week we saw a tremendous amount of beautiful answers ”Under the Sun”, hosted by Amy. This week, ”We’d love you to share with us the ways you’ve fueled and satisfied your creative energies these past few months as the pandemic has restricted our ability to move freely.” And this time, Tina is our host.

When all this started, I had just visited my daughter in Umeå, and bought a fascinating  jigsaw puzzle with many house plants – most of which I some time over the years had grown in my house. And, puzzling hade not been on my mind for some 20 years…This was february, and we knew nothing about what would happen only some weeks later.

Emma’s birthday is in September, so we decided to celebrate during her summer vacation instead. She wished to take a short course in ceramics and clay work, together with some friends. I joined in as well, and we all had a creative day at the small farm, where the artist, Caroline, had her studio.

During the whole summer, Emma kept working on the costume for her graduation. She also made a prototype for sewing her leather spats. Much work, but I am sure it will look really good in January for her Big Day. Posing for me? Well, some minutes only – it was 37 degrees C that day…so fast I had to be!

For her birthday, of course I made her favorite lamb pies with lots of vegetables and fruit. For me it is a joy to cook for her when she comes home – I want to make her feel relaxed and having nothing to worry about. Being a student for so many years is tiresome – not least doing all the cooking yourself.

We did many other things togehter of course, but these were some of those that made our summer worth remembering. I think we worked on 5 puzzles at least, and we had so much to talk about and debate – things that might never have come up an ordinary summer. Summing up, this Covid summer went from hopeless to meaningful in the end.

Emma has left now for her final term, so maybe this was her last stay ”at home”. And the last puzzle we started together, I have to finish on my own. It has a name: Universe Creator, by artist Lora. Autumn is coming, and I sit in the warm evening light, looking at Lora’s painting. It shows a little girl cycling, and a giant panda blowing soap bubbles that sails through the air, making new planets and galaxies. I like that idea.


Finally, are you interested in learning more about about the team behind the Lens-Artists Challenge?  If so, we invite you to visit TCHistorygal.net where you’ll find our recent interview with Marsha Ingrao of Always Write. It was great working with Marsha and being a part of her Artists’ Interview series. We thank her sincerely for her efforts on our behalf.

We hope you’ll join us next week for Patti’s challenge #111. Until then, take care and stay safe.


Thursday Thoughts – Norrvikens Trädgårdar

For my husband’s birthday, we decided to surprise him with Norrvikens Trädgårdar

A lovely park we had not visited since the 1970’s.

One man’s work – glorius, and even better than I remembered it.

The grand greenhouses were magnificent,

and a great place for weddings and big parties.

The various gardens also displayed very old trees and foreign species.

Open air installations were blending in quite well.

And Milo found several little ponds to drink from, before the next adventure…






Thursday Thoughts – Happy Birthday Sweet Mum!

Photo from last year’s birthday, when you turned 84.


Today you turn 85, and you two have been married for 55 years! The sun is shining, and we will make it a memorable day for you – despite the difficult times we are living in.

Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #93 – Morning

When you arise in the morning, think of what a precious privilege it is to be alive – to breathe, to think, to enjoy, to love.  – Marcus Aurelius

My mornings these days – are not quite the same as before the pandemic. Maybe yours are the same as before – or a bit different too? Anyway, a look at your morning – or Any morning – is the challenge for this week. Maybe there is a special morning that you will never forget – you could share it with us!

When the virus hit my world, in order to sleep better, I had to move upstairs to my daughter’s old room.  So the first thing I see when I open my eyes to a new day – are fluttering butterflies. Feels good! And I do sleep better up here. I find harmony and peace.

This room is where many of my potted plants spend their winter season, waiting to come out in the sun and the fresh air again. What better place is there for me to spend the night?

Here I also grow new plants for the next season – these little ones are tomatoes in the making. I guess I love seeing plants, animals and people, grow –

In the hallway I pass the standing mirror, and a glance into it before closing the door, reveals Emma’s sewing machine waiting in stand by with her summer hat on top.

Before I go downstairs, I sit for a while with my new colourful plant puzzle – very relaxing and Mindfulness My way.

On coming down into the living room, I am usually met by a yawning Milo and a snoring Totti…(So…hardly ”met” really…), Totti is extremely good at snoring, so I hear exactly where he is. My husband tells me the dogs miss me terribly, but they have now accepted my strange night habits. Please click to enlarge if you love them –

Finally – coffee (Emma’s mug…). And the morning paper is a must. After a rather solid breakfast, I spend the rest of the morning out in the forest, enjoying the Wood Anemones while they are still flowering. Now on their last due to the dry weather and strong winds.


Morning has broken like the first morning
Blackbird has spoken like the first bird
Praise for the singing
Praise for the morning
Praise for them springing fresh from the world

(My favorite song from younger days, when Cat Stevens still was – Cat Stevens.)

We are looking forward to saying Good Morning to all of you! Be it your morning, any morning or some creative twist.

 A big thank you to our guest-host John Steiner of Journeys with Johnbo for ”Going Back the Second Time Around”, which brought many lovely memories from you – and tips for new memories to be made!

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Next week, April 25, #94: your host will be Amy of The World is a Book

As usual we wish you a lovely week, stay safe, stay well –  and maybe make a phone call or two to someone who needs it.