Friendly Friday Photo Challenge – Illumination

For Friendly Friday

The soft sunlight on the clouds, seen from an aeroplane. And then, the inside of Casa Battlo´, with natural illumination and other.

This photo challenge is alternately hosted each Friday by the bloggers:
Something to Ponder About  and The Snow Melts Somewhere

Cee’s B&W Photo Challenge: Mirror Images or Reflections

Mirror images or reflections for Cee. Lofoten, Norway.

My Favourite Visitors Today

Very inquisitive…

While his little friend was eager to eat – keeping an eye on me…

It was a day of soft colours – silent and foggy with rising temperature. Rather lovely.

Clouds hanging low – but Blue Skies!

Many happy memories from the Light Move Festival in October –


– and walking down the Piotrkowska street in Lódź, the clouds soared right above me…just as close as they feel now in Skane, Sweden. But in Lódź they were brighter, whiter and let no rain fall on me…


The Prettiest Town in Ireland

According to the tourist information, the small town of Adare (/æˈdr/; Irish: Áth Dara, meaning ”ford of [the] oak”) in County Limerick, Ireland, is one of Ireland’s prettiest towns.

When we visited, the weather was, as I guess the weather is most here, rainy with short glimpses of sun. And the village is pretty – with thatched roofs and brightly coloured houses. About 3000 inhabitants, so I felt rather at home – the same size as the village I live in. Above is the main street.

Despite the rain, we ventured out towards Desmond Castle, on the north bank of the river Maigue. And we were lucky – the sun came through!

 I will be away for a couple of days – see you soon!

A Sunny Day…One of Few

To remind me of one of the few sunny days this summer. Cold, windy and showers every day – this Swedish summer of 2017 will not be one remembered for its glorious weather. This week is also the last holiday week for many Swedes – always a bit terrifying…but nowadays it doesn’t matter that much how the summer was. I am lucky to be free!