Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #117 – A Photo Walk

This week Amy is taking us on a walk – a photo walk. What a brilliant idea!

In order to distract myself and lift my spirits, we decided to go to Borås last Friday – a lovely little town we hadn’t visited for years.

Leaving your garage to meet this charming lady might be a not so bad start of the day…
Alfred Nobel – I heard today that the Nobel Prize for medicine went to three scientists: Harvey J. Alter, Michael Houghton and Charles M. Rice, who discovered the virus giving hepatitis C – and making it a curable disease.
A discovery of great importance – we need more of those.
This mural was painted on a school building – It surely makes the school days brighter!
Back on the parking after an enjoyable tour – Autumn had left its mark.

The whole day I had been on the lookout for the Swan and the Fox, but it seemed nowhere to be found. I had found it on the Internet plan and was eager to see it with my own eyes too. In fact, after two hours I had given up on it by the time we were approaching the end of the walk. But, on turning right into the last street before the car park, I caught a glimpse of it in the corner of my left eye – there it was! Sitting on our left hand side, it obviously was impossible to find on our way out. So, now you too can see it, in the header. It was my favorite on this Friday walk.

As always, thank you all for your creative responses to last week’s Symmetry challenge. We enjoyed your interesting and thoughtful images for the concept. I am sorry to be a bit absent from commenting – I lost my mother in September and my mind is focused on everything connected to that. But I will be back. I am sure Patti, Tina and Amy will support you even more.

Now we look forward to seeing your results from this week’s Photo Walk. Please remember to link them to Amy’s original post here, and to Tag them Lens-Artists to be included in our reader section. Last but not least, we hope you’ll join us next week when our special guest host, Biasini, Anne Leueen’s clever horse, hosts our next challenge on her always-interesting blog Horse Addict.

Until then, stay safe and creative.

Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #99 – Old and New

Old and new make the warp and woof of every moment. There is no thread that is not a twist of these two strands.

Ralph Waldo Emerson

First of all I would like to thank you for all your gloriously delicate colours from last week – so creative and so interesting – and so many!

This week, Amy is challenging us to look for “Old and New”, and now we’re looking forward to your interpretation.

In the opener, Hovdala Castle, Sweden, a place to remember the old and celebrate in new ways. But Old and New can be the contrast of architecture, fashion, collections, treasures… in one photo or multiple photos. Please visit Amy for beautiful views and inspiration!

I have consulted the archives, and these all represent moments where I really was stricken by the perspective of Old and New.

Tbilisi, Georgia – is a very old city that is being totally rebuilt. Sometimes the combinations are not that great, but old and new is always very striking.

Everywhere in Europe, you will find Old and New together.

Some combinations hurt more than others – This beautiful old building was combined with a new hotel – Umeå, Sweden.

Tbilisi again – the old fortress looking down on the new city.

In fact, when I think of old and new – two cities come to mind directly – and here they are. And, there is a reason to why one of them is called ”The Eternal City”…

I hope you will enjoy the challenge, and we are looking forward to interesting posts!

Stay tuned for Tina’s (Travels and Trifles) LAPC #100 on June 6th.


Thursday Thoughts – Glimpses of Modern Tbilisi

More of Tbilisi, Georgia – there is, of course, a modern part of it as well…even if that was not the main reason for my visit!

Strolling the busy streets, I looked through the windows of different restaurants and shops – and saw this fantastic wallpaper, with lamps in an oval shape.

The overall photo sits last in this gallery – there you will find the first three of these architectural wonders – more facts in the pictures.

This passage was filled with murals and graffiti – too narrow to get a good shot though…

I just had to go back for a closer look at the wallpaper – fascinating history become art? Anyway – I just loved it. It covered the whole interior, quite a large room. I would love to have a piece of it framed on my wall. So many different faces – Please click to enlarge – and you get the feeling!


Thursday Thoughts – A Day in Dubrovnik

I guess Dubrovnik does not need any presentation to most of you – renowned for its beauty and millions of visitors every year. Dubrovnik, Croatia, is one of the most prominent tourist attractions here. First built in the 7th century, now with a population of about 43,000. In 1979, the city joined the UNESCO list of World Heritage sites.

Personally I think I enjoyed the views from a gull’s perspective even more! But the steps were numerous…,I would never have tried this in the summer heat…

You can still see traces of the war – not everything has been rebuilt yet.

I was so fascinated by that little house on top – overlooking both the sea and the old city. This lovely, early morning I could imagine sipping my coffee up there… (and the beauty of a sunset as well…)…my feet dangling from the wall. Maybe you would care to join me?