On September Water

A lovely morning, maybe the last summer trip, in our very, very old canoe…

The stillness in the air, the soft misty dew and the knowledge that this might be the end of a long, lovely summer.

My Illusory, Illusive Week…

Strange things this week…It all started out so well…but these are my memories …

…in my ordinary Blekinge again. Don’t we all have crazy dreams sometimes…?

Blekinge och Helsingborg 009_copy

Thursday Thoughts

We went to the summer house for some days. On the way, we caught our daughter at the airport  – summer holidays are here. We also visited a very dear friend of ours and their 7 weeks old puppies. Totti was the proud grandfather – and his daughter Ella was the perfect mother. Busy days….


Meet some of the youngsters here! I do not have to tell you that they were Not posing…not a second…

I guess I got an extra heart ♥ swelling today.


Thursday Thoughts

For almost a week now we have had extremely hot weather in the south of Sweden. And we know that last year was the hottest ever here – and on Earth.

Of course this gives us wonderful mornings – and evenings. Something to be grateful for.

But, northeners are not made for this. Our bodies protest. The evening walk with my dog cannot start until 7.30 p.m. He is not well prepared for the heat either (he did not come with a zipper…) – 33.5 C yesterday.

This is the end of May and the beginning of June. If we ever have those high temperatures, then it might happen some day in July or August.

It is beautiful, it is a wonderful evening by the sea, but it feels neither real nor all right.

Today we are having the biggest migration of people – ever – in Europe, and what will these climate changes bring? Yes, even more migration…people trying to save what is left of their lives and trying to get a new start, a new life, somewhere else. Some islands have already disappeared.

This is only the beginning of the end.

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