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International Women’s Day 2019

Even if she is far too young to be called a woman, Greta Thunberg is the first name on the list from a poll made by one of our most important evening papers:

Rent allmänt, vilken svensk kvinna tycker du har utmärkt sig särskilt positivt under de senaste 12 månaderna? Generally speaking, what Swedish woman do you believe excelled in the most positive way during the last 12 months?

Keep up the good work, Great, Greta ♥ And mother, going on 84,  having forest fika –

I love you ♥!


Thursday Thoughts – Meeting The World’s Oldest Blogger

Today I went to Health Sciences Centre, Lund, to attend the press invitation to the Gerontology Award of 2018.  My friend, Professor Susanne Iwarsson, introduced us to PhD students and their research in gerontology, and also to the award winning lady, Dagny Carlsson, aged 105.

Just imagine…she was born the same year Titanic went down…

Dagny is a witty and tough lady, who also is the world’s oldest blogger – or so we think… And her wit as well as her blogging are part of the reasons to why she won this prize. Dagny started blogging at the age of 99 – and today she has reached an almost iconic status in Sweden. Check out her blog here:

Only some of her achievements: On TV she has been a guest in at least ten shows, she was awarded ”Swede of the Week”, she was one of the Summer Talk guests on Radio P1 Sweden 2017, she was given a part in a movie last year and she has also written a book titled ”Life According to Dagny”. Two days ago she payed a visit to our King and Queen – and she said she liked them very much. Nothing strange with meeting them, Dagny smiles.

Dagny Carlsson was awarded also because she is an inspiration to us all. To elderly people she is the living evidence of a possible long and active life, as well as technology to be mastered even beyond the age of 100. Her experience from Swedish history through 105 years remains a valuable source from which we all can learn, and she continues to be a significant elderly person in Swedish culture.

I am proud to have met her. (Just a reminder…Dagny is the lady on the right side…)

Dagny, 103 years old, at the Skavlan show – but this spring she will turn 106!







Plovdiv – New Town – A Perfect Combo

The history of Plovdiv spans more than eight millennia. The numerous nations that lived here have left their traces on the twelve-metre-thick (39 feet) cultural layers of the city. The earliest signs of habitation on the territory of Plovdiv date as far back as the 6th millennium BC…

As we left the Old Town and entered the New…we realized that the whole city is a gem. Walking down the main street, a warm and sunny afternoon, the surprises unfolded – one after the other.

The Ancient Roman Stadium of Plovdiv was built in the 2nd century, during the reign of Emperor Hadrian, and lies beneath the main street from Dzhumaya Square to Kamenitsa Square. It was modeled after the stadium in Delphi. The Plovdiv stadium was approximately 240 metres (790 feet) long and 50 metres (160 feet) wide, and could seat up to 30 000 spectators. Below is the entrance to the stadium.

The athletic games at the stadium were organised by the General Assembly of the province of Thrace. In their honour the royal mint of Philippopolis coined money featuring the face of the ruling emperor as well as the types of athletic events held in the stadium.

Only a small part of the northern section with 14 seat rows can be seen today; the larger part lies under the main street and a number of buildings.

But, you can step down through the layers and meet the combination old/new in a very fascinating setting, with café’s, shops and …steps and stairs from different times.

Atlas? Keeping us safe. Holding the World.

Detta bildspel kräver JavaScript.

I do not think I have ever visited a city that manages to combine the Old with the New as gracefully and innovatively as Plovdiv. I more than understand the choice of this city for European Capital of Culture in 2019. I might return then… there is much more to discover here! Maybe I will see you there – 2019?

The World Illustration Awards 2017


A short visit to London with my whole family – I cannot say how much I appreciated this opportunity! That we all could go, and have some relaxing fun together – almost impossible now as we are all living in different ends of Sweden.

WIA at Somerset House was our first spot of interest. All of us love working with some kind of art – but none of us do it professionaly. So.. who does not want to get inspired?

The view from Waterloo Bridge – I don’t think I have seen it since the Shard was built. You can see it between the two high constructions on the right side of the Thames.

Walking to the entrance of Somerset House, I caught a glimpse of ”The Lion King”. I remember it being very well staged and performed when we visited with our children a long time ago. Sweet memories.

All excited of course – but as I am not allowed to show the photos officially,  Here is a link instead.

My son and daughter photographing away…at the entrance. There were, among others, a great many interesting takes on the US president and environmental issues.

London med familjen 2017 120_copy

At exhibitions, leaving a comment is never optional…always give feedback! So much talent and fantasy, brainwork and time gone in to these artworks. Brilliant!

Walking back – enjoying the other side of Waterloo Bridge. Always impressive…

Good Old London.

WPC: Elemental and Travel theme: Numerals

Where do we find it all? In London of course!

WPC: Elemental 

Travel theme: Numerals

Irland 2017 279_copyWalking Botanical Gardens is a pleasure I never can get enough of…

No matter how large or small – I just have to visit. These pictures are from Dublin.


Thursday Thoughts – Children’s Climate prize goes to…

So, he tells us he is young and that he is the future

– I believe in him. He makes me believe there is a future.

Thursday Thoughts – Brit Awards 2016: Adele takes home four gongs – BBC News

A strong lady with a marvellous voice, and on top of everything she is extremely funny as well! A favourite.

Adele was the big winner at the 2016 Brit Awards – winning four prizes including the coveted British Album of the Year.

Källa: Brit Awards 2016: Adele takes home four gongs – BBC


Sisterhood of the World Bloggers

An award was sent to me by my blogging friend Amanda at Forestwoodfolkart.





I usually say I’m happy with all comments and likes I get – those are my reward and my token of appreciation from you, my friends! I do not need any awards… Still, I agree with Amanda – it’s an amazing thought that someone likes my doings here so much that they want to give me an Award. And, at the same time I also feel it’s an opportunity to direct people to blogs they otherwise may not have come across. A third positive idea is that new followers can get a shortcut to a little bit more about the blogger – this time, me.

I am very honoured, Amanda, and I want to say that I love your blog too! You are so talented and also keep our minds busy with new mysteries every week …

I will try to answer at least some of the questions given, and I will link to some more interesting blogs. Old and new, and with different themes.


The answers to the questions that address the award rules (see below)  are:

How would you describe what your blog is about?

My life and thoughts – although not too personal.

Do you see your blog changing (as in expanding or developing in any way) at some stage in the future?

As I have three different blogs, I might in the future only have one – let ‘s see which choices i will make…

Do you write your blog posts straight onto the WordPress page or onto a word document first?

Straight into the html wordpress page,

When you write, do you need to be on your own or are you happy to write with others around you?

On my own. Social by profession, but in heart and mind, a loner.

Which is your favourite species of tree, and why do you like it?

Oak and Ginko Biloba. Oak because it’s so Swedish, has a powerful canopy and is ageing beautifully. Ginko because it is the oldest tree species in the world (in reality – a fossil), has got beautifully shaped needles instead of leaves and gets wonderfully  golden in autumn.

If you were to have a day out somewhere easily reachable from your home, where would it be?

The forest – my second home.

Which ‘celebration’ (annual or otherwise) in the country where you live do you enjoy the most?

Midsummer – most joy, warmth and laughter

Which way would you choose to travel, given the choice: car or train?

I often go by car, but prefer train because of less pollution and better views. The car gives you more freedom though…

Which subject did you enjoy the most at school?

Art, languages and biology.

What do you think is the best thing about being a woman today?

Firstly: Being able to give birth to children. Secondly: Today, in my country, a woman can choose how she wants to live her own life more freely.


Nominees: Thank you for having great blogs and even if I do not visit as often as I would like to – I will be back! Know that I love you. And, maybe you are award free or maybe you do not like awards – just want to let you know my appreciation!







  • Thank the giver and link their blog to your post.
  • Answer the questions given to you.
  • Pass the award on to other bloggers of your choice and let them know that they have been nominated.
  • Give your nominees questions to answer.
  • Include the logo of the award in a post or on your blog – your choice which one.