Thursday Thoughts – Midsummer Garden Greetings

Midsummer is the best time in Sweden, and Tuesday this week was the summer solstice. We spent most of the night outdoors. Something to celebrate. The longest day. A walk in my garden gives me much pleasure, and this is the time to send some of that love with the warm winds to you, wishing you beautiful days wherever you are ♥

LAPC #104 -Doors/Doorways

I admit I had to dig deep into my archives to find images for Sylvia’s (My Colorful Expressions) excellent challenge. But it brought me back to some fond memories! Hopefully you will enjoy them as well. I will never forget that park…in the header. The whole park was made a home for stray cats. They were everywhere on the benches, stones and grass – even a little house was built for them.

I know that doors are not really my thing…rather it’s windows. To me, a door leaves everything open, but a window gives me fresh air while I still can feel safe.

These are from Tibet, Bhutan, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Latvia, Georgia and Croatia.

I like many different styles, this door is simple, but ”clean” in colour and design.

Elaborate style from Bhutan and a more simple one from Spain. I love them both. Gaudís harmonies are wonderful in their natural forms. Even if this mayby is more of a vault, it was the entrance to a room.

Swedish faded green and a white ”igloo”, kontrasting Bhutan’s shop doors.

Three very different doors and doorways – I like them open…when there is a view waiting.

This left door was very tiny, some 30x150cm. I admit I wondered if there might be a dead body inside, left there hundreds of years ago… And then, there is really something special about laundry! In Georgia that was a daily treat, seeing laundry in all colours all over the yards. Painted doors are not that usual, but here is a shop with an attractive door.

Finally one of my favourites – notice the door to the left, with a lock. How I would have liked to have a look inside that house – but only through the blue door!

Please remember to link to Sylvia’s original post and to use the Lens-Artists tag. Special thanks to Anne Sandler for last week’s Local Vistas. A marvellous response – now we got loads of new travel tips! We also hope you’ll join us again next week when Tina hosts the challenge on Travels and Trifles.  

Until then, be kind, creative and sunny!

Thursday Thoughts – Let’s have a party!

Aren’t they very human? Click the gallery and join in the conversation!

Don’t we love it…

sharing the limelight!

LAPC #203 Local Vistas

What are your local vistas? Where do you photograph when you don’t have a lot of time or are not on vacation? This week, show us your local vistas – Anne Sandler of Slow Shutter Speed, is our host!

Well, nowadays I almost always post on my local vistas – and here I am on my way to the forest some weeks ago. As I was driving down the gravel road, I saw a moose – who of course already had spotted me from the rapeseed field…
When landing in the forest, I bet the Lily of the Valley and me both loved the silence and the last rays of evening sun.

I think you know that nature is the most popular vista in my vicinity, but we also have several castles in our neighbourhood, all within a 30 minutes’ drive. Wanås castle with its beautiful surroundings is often visited – sometimes with friends

– here is me and Viveka (My Guilty Pleasures) a couple of weeks ago. Wanås treats include both outdoor exhibitions and…
…tempting indoor exhibitions.

Bosjökloster castle in spring glory – also known for its exhibitions and tasty food.

Without a car, my dogwalks are often photographed as well… In any season, any weather, at any time of the day. With or without a dog…

Interesting studios in a nearby town can be visited for a fee, and you will be guided by one of the artists.

Back to the castles, maybe my favourite is Hovdala, every year used for jousting and medieval fun.

It is always a treat to go there, for beautiful nature, for exhibitions – and for very good food.

Last week, Sofia lead us into an exploration of minimalism and maximalism. What a treat! Many of us discovered our personal preferences for one or the other, but some people enjoyed using both. Next week, we have a special guest host–Sylvia Bacon, who will lead LAPC #204, so be sure to visit her site. Until then, stay safe and kind.

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