Lens-Artists Photo Challenge#98 – Delicate Colours


Many thanks to our lovely guest host, Sue (Mac’s Girl) of The Nature of Things  for a creative challenge where we could all be inspired to try new (and old) pastimes. Be sure to have a look if you haven’t already paid her a visit!

As many countries are opening up a bit from lock-down, and I was inspired by the soft glory of spring nature in my part of the world, I thought we would indulge in some Delicate Colours! They are everywhere in nature, but also to be found anywhere you look, in for example fashion, art and architecture.

For this challenge, I took a walk around my garden, and also a walk in one of my neighboring forests. In fact I was looking for orchids in the wetlands there, but they had not yet woken up… In the opener is the evening sky seen from my house, yesterday late.

My garden lilacs – a joy in the evenings when their delightful scent fills the air.

In the forests now, Solomon’s seal is ruling. One of my favorites, so elegant and delicate both in colour and grace.

Water avens and common dandelion are both greatly loved by insects – and by me! In Sweden we call water avens ”humleblomster” – bumblebee flower in direct translation. If you take a look inside, it looks like the bumblebee is already there…

In my garden forget-me-not grow abundantly. I love their shy little faces hiding in the shadows. Have you ever noticed them in late evenings? You will see that they almost outshine the brightest yellow flowers.

Brown shades are delicate as well, even if they maybe are a bit overlooked. This big snail was slowly sailing over the shady path, with the soft light falling down through the canopy, landing on his house. A delightful meeting – even if snails are not really my cup of tea…

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Thank you again for your fantastic support of our challenge, welcome again, and please use the tag Lens-Artists and link to my original page – not through the reader.

Also, stay safe and well, and tuned for May 30: #99  Amy of The World is a Book