Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #88 – Chaos

Outside, the sun is shining and the birds are singing – it is a beautiful morning in my garden. For this week, I had already chosen Chaos, not knowing how well this would apply to what many of us are living in right now. Thinking about it this early Spring morning… it all feels unreal. But, the world is still standing, and the sun is still shining.

First, we want to send our heartfelt wishes to blogger friends all over the world, those who are quarantined and those who are not yet there. May we soon see an end to the spreading of the Corona virus. In this fearful situation, we are all grateful for the contact and support made possible via internet and blogging.

If you need further help with handling your thoughts on this pandemic situation, please visit Cindy Knoke . She gives sensible and expert advice.

My life is organized chaos. – Kathleen Kennedy says. And maybe that is what Life really is – so, how do You look upon, and handle, Chaos?

The word Chaos originally refers to the void state preceding the creation of the universe or in the Greek creation myths. Chaos in modern use, in the sense of ”complete disorder or confusion”, first appears in Elizabethan Early Modern English.

Invention, it must be humbly admitted, does not consist in creating out of void, but out of chaos. – Mary Shelley

I always think that women are the chaos managers of life. – Teresa Heinz

– Something my own experiences tell me is – true!

Every passion borders on the chaotic, but the collector’s passion borders on the chaos of memories. – Walter Benjamin

We will have a total chaos without books, literature, and library. – Anne Waldman

Using chaos as a creative force – might be a challenge. But, yesterday I watched the Swedish ”Culture News” program, where an Italian/Swedish author and an Iranian producer talked about the Corona situation in their countries. And yes, it was a heart warming program where I was really amazed at people’s creativity!

A video clip showed musicians and actors using their quarantine to paint, to learn another instrument or a new foreign language; to read books they otherwise wouldn’t have read. And some said they used this new ”free” time to spend it with their kids. Also interesting, was that Italians were allowed free use of internet on their cellphones.

Anything worth doing good takes a little chaos. – Flea

But I like the chaos. As long as it’s happy chaos.  – Ayda Field


Let us focus on the possibilities, staying on the right track. Maybe nothing will be quite the same again – but let’s hope this chaos is the beginning of something new and positive.  Maybe these quotes and images will release some more of your creativity for our journey together on this bumpy road…

Feel free to interpret Chaos any way you want – what it looks like, how you cope with it, how you work on it, what you will do when everything calms down, etc. We are looking forward to Your version of Chaos!

Many thanks to our guest host, Miriam of The Showers of Blessings, and her beautiful challenge – which gave us so many reflective reflections!

Have you seen these:

Elizabatz – clever and fun at the museum.

Klara – a very artistic post.

Rupali – amazing quotes too to go with her images.

Sandy – sandyjwhite – Puddle art.


As usual, Tina, Amy, Patti and I value your creative responses and thoughts. Thanks for joining us, and above all, Stay safe! On March 21, your host will be Amy of The World is A Book .

210 comments on “Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #88 – Chaos

  1. Chaos! perfect for these moments we are living.
    I have been reading and commenting on this week’s published articles for a while and I feel a little more accompanied in these days of confinement at home.
    In my country it is said that a shared problem is less of a problem.
    Take care and stay safe.

    • Your words make me happy, Ana, much needed for me too. The saying in your country is the same as in Sweden. We must support each other as best as we can. ♥

  2. I have been working such long hours for work, I haven’t had time for any creativity!!! I am hoping this weekend will present an opportunity. Maybe I can get Sean to start improving Spanish skills with me 🙂

  3. A most apt topic for this week Ann-Christine. I didn’t have anything to contribute until I looked at the photos I took yesterday and a germ of an idea struck me. I hope you will like it when I publish it on Friday. Meanwhile stay safe 😙

  4. […] A tad crowded on a Bangkok ferry early in the day of the Loi Krathong festival. By evening the ferry scene was pure pandemonium as people were jammed onto the ferries. Just an ordinary day in Old Delhi, India.Angkor Wat has become overly popular in recent years, to the point that you might not want to visit it. We were there in in 2007, when the crowds were less, but even then I was astounded at the number people willing to get up at five in the morning to see the sunrise.The little guy that attracts a lot of attention – crowds at the Manneken Pis ‘fountain’ in Brussels, Belgium. Just a regular day in Amsterdam, Holland. Chaos at the boat races at the water festival in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. Pastry pandemonium in Mexico City where the customers surge on the carts grabbing the warm pastries before they even make it to the shelvesVasaikhi celebrates the founding of the Sikh order of Khalsa, a festival of food and music that results in massive crowds in Vancouver, Canada. This last shot was taken on Saturday afternoon, March 14, when I went out to get a litre of milk. I wasn’t there during the ‘shop and grab’ so I call this image: Chaos: Aftermath. More of the Lens-Artists Photo Challenge: Chaos. […]

    • Thank you – I tried to be calm and soothing instead of the chaotic photos I thought I would use – a month ago. We all need calm and positive thoughts.

  5. that first image is such a beautiful rendition of chaos that it literally speaks volumes – excellent quotes to match your images
    thank you for the prompt which has given me a theme on which to hang some pics

  6. […] Our wonderful Ann-Christine has perfect timing.  Her theme for this week’s Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #88 is Chaos–something many of us have been experiencing as the COVID-19 world health crisis unfolds.  It is an unsettling time.  Our daily lives are disrupted.  We are afraid of getting sick and the unknown. […]

  7. I saw your theme after my post last night or I could have contributed too. I love that you quoted Flea. 🙂 I also love the pelicans.
    There is always chaos in the world. Apparently it is a very human thing. But lately it’s at the nth degree. One hopes that normalcy will prevail but for the time there is fear. Take care. ❤

    • Hopefully people will find it useful – quarantined or not. The wall of books is in the Long Room in Dublin. Now I will pop over to see your activity chosen!

    • True, Lindy. At first I didn’t know if I should stay with my early decision, but it seems people are positive to it. Looking forward to your orderly chaos!

  8. What a timely challenge, Ann-Christine, to bring our focus on the positive aspect and see chaos in new perspectives. Thank you for you and Amy, and Tina, and Patti for inviting me to host the challenge last week. What fun I had!! ❤

  9. Ever so wonderful chaos Ann-Christine 🙂 There a video clips of the people of Sienna and Sicily singing and playing music from their balconies. I shall be back

  10. A beautiful post that shows us how to rise above the things that really challenge us Ann-Christine. I loved your quote and image about ”happy chaos”, let’s hope we’re soon able to look back on this one rather than looking ahead to what may be the worst of it.

    • Tina, these are trying times, but we need to fight our fears and make the best of the situation. I just read your thoughtful and informative post, and you show us a ”happy chaos” so far! Let us stay safe and use the internet – no virus there hopefully…We do not need that right now. Thank you for all your positive thoughts!

  11. How is it in Sweden, Ann Christine? I was just reading about the situation in Norway. And the singing from the balconies in Italy! 🙂 🙂 There are always people who rise to these challenges and show us what we are capable of. Please God we can hold hands virtually and see this out together.

    • Jo, things are very much OK here. No chaos, no hysteria…We are a pretty calm and reasonable people – Swedes. Though I heard in Stockholm they are buying extra canned food and toilet paper. I also heard in Australia that those are hard to come by…
      But, as you know, the situation can quickly change – we haven’t closed our borders or our schools. All neighboring countries have. Maybe that will come to us as well.
      Yes, humans are capable of withstanding things and making the best out of the situation – it does help with the internet! Stay safe, dear Jo!

  12. Chaos theme is beautifully expressed here, A-C! I love the header especially.
    Thank you for the thoughtful words and inspiring quotes.

    • Thank you, Amy – we all need some calming down, I think. I am glad if we can help each other with tips in words and photos!

  13. You have expressed so beautifully the chaos and hope at this uncertain time, Ann-Christine. A fabulous post, illustrated with equally wonderful quotes and thoughts. Brava! Wonderful! I couldn’t agree more with your message of finding the good and supporting others at this time.

    • Indeed the world is in choas. It is all so surreal, but all too real for us at the same time. We must rise to the challenge though, even if we are isolated in our own homes. Technology has its uses and we should use it well now, to spread our creativity and ideas to get us through this tough and challenging time. Wonderful images and quotes. Stay safe and well.

    • Thank you, Patti – but this was a tough one. I hope people will respond in many different ways, and we all will get positive alternatives to contemplate!

  14. I especially like the top photo and then the one of the flowers. Chaos to me right now would be a picture of all the people trying to grab toilet paper and other things at the grocery stores these days. I’m just hoping we’re gonna be able to move in a couple weeks and not run into any problems.


    • Thank you, Janet – having fun with that button…never ends! Hopefully you will be able to move smoothly – but some things will go slower for some weeks, I believe.

  15. I like your double exposure very much. A friend of mine also takes such images quite often. For her camera, this function was a must-have!

  16. Chaos!!! chaos in supermarket this morning, full of people, empty shelves… I return home to stay there all the weekend in sad mood…

    But I listen on the radio, some young students who have volunteered in their community of neighbors to take care of the children who can’t go to school because the classes have been canceled and their parents can’t take care of them for work.

    Chaos can also bring out the best in us. I hope so!

    • Thank you for a wonderful peek into our creativity when things get tough, and ”Chaos can also bring out the best in us.” I hope so too!

    • Thank you – a bit difficult theme perhaps, but at the same time interesting to see what we all come up with. And I agree about the pelican photo – I love it. Lovely memories from the Galapagos Islands.

  17. Some great images to illustrate chaos, A C, and I must see what I can find….and in being creative, set my mind briefly away from the chaos surrounding us….

  18. Ha ha! (We must keep our sense of humor, I say.) A superb theme, with superb photos and quotes. It’s noteworthy how we humans, IMO, tend toward order, though some seem to prefer chaos. We are keeping a ‘low profile’ here in Denver, Colorado, so I should have time to fine appropriate photos. I like the multiple-exposure banner shot, and always love a wall of books.

    • Thank you, John – a wall of books is never wrong! Indeed we are a strange species, and in times of chaos, we understand just How strange…Interesting how different countries manage this situation as well.

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