Tuesday Photo Challenge – Junk

For Frank – Junk!

27 comments on “Tuesday Photo Challenge – Junk

  1. Brilliant find … you wonder how people can live there, Just the steps … is a hurdle. But it looks abandoned or ??? Don’t know with Tbilisi’s old houses.

  2. This one really makes me wonder… especially after zooming in on the details of this “junk.” Picture worth a thousand words?

  3. A lot of time, effort, and adaptation goes into making a like like that. It is also sad that people live that way, either by choice or situation. A few houses in my neighborhood which is comfortable lower middle class allow their yards to look that way.

  4. At first the string line seemed to be a means of blocking access to it, but in this bigger photo it seems a laundry line and that maybe the stairs themselves are ‘junk’. Very interesting. Where is it, please?

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