Thursday Thoughts – Hot Spot Fabrika

Fabrika, Tbilisi, ”Once a soviet sewing factory, has been revived and transformed into a multi-functional urban space bringing together enthusiastic individuals ready to stretch their minds with new exhilarating experiences.” This is how this urban hot spot describes itself to potential visitors – let’s have a look!

”With its striking “old-meets-new” attitude, Fabrika oozes genuinely cool soviet vibes blended with funky industrial elements.

It has become the symbol of renovation, recreation and reinvention.”

I loved the graffitti…

The spacious yard – not many there in the middle of the day, but, I could easily imagine the crowds on a hot summer’s night!

Why not step inside? Everything  so airy and colourful. Youngsters working or relaxing, playing games or just sleeping. Rather quiet at this time of the day…and no heavy music. – Which was much appreciated by me – generally there is too much music, all the time and everywhere in society. Sometimes I find it difficult to hear my own thoughts…

The hostel seemed popular, and the food was tasty. People dropping in and out every minute. Fabrika prides itself of being the creative center of Tbilisi –

…and I do believe it is. Maybe next time we will drop in a late evening for the joy of the creative process. The Georgians we met were very good at English, and I would not say no to a night of fruitful discussions on Life – over a cool drink. Before it is over.

We walked back through the streets, with the ”old-meets-new” feeling lingering all the way home. I wonder for how long Old Tbilisi will keep its ”Old” part.

16 reaktioner på ”Thursday Thoughts – Hot Spot Fabrika

    • For sure an improvement. The strange thing about Tbilisi was that it did not display those typical Soviet ”monumental” buildings that other occupied countries do. Usually I can tell at first sight. So glad they are free now!

    • I think young people over there are just about to find out about freedom. They got their freedom from Russia as late as 1991. Their parents never experienced freedom as young men and women. So, I guess it is rather tough for them to find a walkable path.

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