Thursday Thoughts – A Last Walk – Until Next Time, Aleksandr!

For the last hours of our walk together, we understood that Aleksandr had saved…

…some of the very finest of courtyards in Tbilisi. But – what is the finest is of course in the eye of the beholder. First some other special pieces we passed.

This courtyard, with a fantastic spiral staircase, was so amazing I had to return here the next day. With some luck, I found it again – but then without any laundry.

Aleksandr had earlier that day shown us some of his artwork and photos, so when we reached this well hidden courtyard – I recognized the spectacular wooden spiral staircase. I took a deep breath and started rather floating than walking in…

…to a dream. Just imagine what this place must have been like – say a hundred years ago… I hope you will enjoy this courtyard gallery of images from different angles – just could not stop myself. We stayed to talk some with the lovely family who lives here now.

They had restored the houses indoors, but the majestic staircase was for the authorities to restore…which unfortunately had not been done. I asked if they still used the staircase – the answer was Yes, and a moment later a man came running down those steps! It did Not look safe. I do hope they will save this architectural treasure for future generations. In Georgia they still have the skills and knowledge – but they should not wait too long.

I hate goodbyes…and with Aleksandr’s passionate soul, this time it was really hard for me. We had to leave him here with his exhibition in his favorite street, next to his favorite balcony. A very special man whom I am very grateful to have met.

Thank You, Aleksandr, for your warm and generous sharing of Tbilisi ♥

37 reaktioner på ”Thursday Thoughts – A Last Walk – Until Next Time, Aleksandr!

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  2. I can see how delicate Aleksandr shared his beloved Old Tbilisi town with you. He are such a gentleman. Stunning images, A-C! It’s laundry day every day there. I got a fetish for the laundry too.

    • Impossible not to love both him and the laundry! Yes, in the first part of this walk, the Thursday before, I write about you too, Viveka – thanks to your vivid remembrance of Tbilisi, we went there, and thanks to you we found Aleksandr!

    • True, Otto. I loved it all…so bitter sweet. The whole city is a construction site. Tearing down the old artworks and building machine made, soulless houses. Aleksandr had documented his city for many years and would leave it all to the city museum later.

  3. Oh, wonderful, wonderful! What a fabulous sense of history, what wonderful, passionate people, and Aleksandr sounds such a lovely person…. oh that I could go there… Well, may be with a helping hand or three……

  4. What a wonderful tour of a wonderful place. But oh, I so hope they are given the opportunity to last many more years – without all that patina of history being wiped from them.

  5. Yes, thank you Aleksandr and A-C for sharing of Tbilisi. Oh I hope the stair case gets restored before its condition deteriorates beyond restoration. A fabulous courtyard 🙂

    • Brian, I do hope it will get restored – I only saw this one and a smaller one in Old Town. As Alexander showed it to us, it must have been a rare work. So glad you have enjoyed the tour!

    • Suzanne – that is essential, passionate people. I would not want to live without them – could not. And the details of the buildings were incredibly well made – glorious craftsmanship. Glad you love them too.

  6. Cool place and the bags of food like that ! Oh nice…
    Also the circle of life story part on the clock tower is a good idea… maybe reminds everyone of life’s vapor quickness

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