Friendly Friday – Dramatic

For Friendly Friday, my offerings are two giant trees – alive in the header, this one not.





18 reaktioner på ”Friendly Friday – Dramatic

  1. A beautiful capture of the Tree of Life which bends, but does not break, from life’s storms!!!! Gilla! (? I assume that means LIKE but I added the ! to indicate ”I like so much, I wish there was a button for ”LOVE” – ah here it is…. ❤

    • Haha, thank you! For the love too! You assumed right there. Unfortunately the first tree was cut down, but the second one died a natural death and fell in a storm.

      • It is. There’s an end to everything though. But, as I grow older I want more things to remain the same. Can you feel that too – or is it only me?

      • Well, I’d like to remain 27. 🙂 That’s long gone though. There are so many examples of how I can agree with you but also the one true thing is that all things change. Whether they change for the better always remains to be seen. There are certain things that we rely on always being there, whether it is our relationship with a spouse or partner, our home, or any of the other things that bring peace to our lives. But my short answer…yes, I do feel it also. And I am sure it is not just we two. 🙂

      • You are right of course.But I am grateful that I am not working as a teacher anymore. Our school system kept changing – and students need to know the system in order to plan for their studies aso. They never got a chance – and the teachers had to go with the system…but it sometimes happened that I followed common sense instead.

      • I think that you were a wise teacher. There is a lot of standardization in education these days. Fitting square nuts into round holes is rarely successful. Teachers should be free to understand each student’s needs and try to provide what i required for success. It is more demanding than following guidelines strictly by the book but probably much more satisfying for both teacher and student.

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