Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #71 – Creepy

Halloween some days gone… I thought you might still have some interesting thoughts and images left for us and this challenge – things Creepy!

If you look up ”Creepy” in a dictionary, it says ” causing an unpleasant feeling of fear or unease”.

Here are some of my creepy nightmares… and in the header my worst scenario. Just how many spiders were at work weaving all those nets? And that – in my own garden…

When a sudden look down a side street – reveals an abandoned house – or, maybe not…?
When it is raining men…
…or they suddenly dissolve in a haze – right in front of me.
Or – I have to pass through dark tunnels …and I notice someone lurking inside.
I also avoid walking in the forest late nights…no option…when there are tree trolls towering 2×5 meters high and wide.
Seeing a giant Gunnera waking up…gives at least me the creeps…
And, Totti…? Is that you?


According to a recent study, the creepiest job was working as a Clown, and among the creepiest items mentioned, were dolls. Personally I clearly can relate to ”unpredictability” as an important component of creepiness. If you are interested in reading more of this study, On the nature of creepiness, here’s a link.

We just have to remember that being ”creeped out” is deep down a good thing for our ability to survive! So – now we are looking forward to seeing Your Creepy answers!


Thank you for the many inspirational and varied entries for Patti’s Monochrome challenge! Some of you were not much used to monochrome before, but found your own ways to answer to the challenge – clever and innovative!

Have you seen these:

As always, Amy, Tina, Patti and I hope you will join us.



219 comments on “Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #71 – Creepy

  1. These are all wonderful, Leya, but the tree troll and the Guernna are my favorite. Though I certainly wouldn’t want to walk in those dark tunnels or see all those spider webs!!

  2. Very effective creepiness here Ann-Christine especially that tunnel. I’d think twice about entering that! Not so fond of the spiders either – I have big black ones hiding in my wood store and I shudder every time I have to get logs out. I shall have an interesting addition to creepiness tomorrow for you 🙂

    • Thank you, Jude! And I do know something about those big spiders in wood stores…In Sweden we call them cellar spiders, because we have them there as well…Thick legs and body? Very black? Very Big? It’s them!

  3. OMG…. those vanishing people are scary…. Maybe they are real?? 😀 Now I will be scared to walk alone on my way home!
    The abandoned home looks creepy too… The interesting theme this week, I feel we are going to freak people out this week!

  4. Hi Anne Christine thanks for this fun topic. Your photos and comments made me smile. Totti oh no Totti! I have bad news for you. Changing a photo of many webs into monochrome does not decrease the webs or spiders to 1. Oh no, no mono! Excellent photo of the webs.

    I thought to myself that I do not have images I can use. But I was thinking long term memory, until my short term memory hit me like a sledge hammer!


  5. Wonderful challenge Ann Christine. It’s funny how different things creep out different people. I’m fascinated by spider webs and find them more beautiful than creepy, especially in the garden. I love the web picture. B & W give it a sinister vibe.
    We’ve only recently adopted Halloween in New Zealand, from what we’ve seen on American TV shows I think. It was never part of my childhood and I don’t get into it. Being British colonists we celebrated Guy Fawkes Day with fireworks and bonfires and as creepy as it got was when we made effigies of Guy and burnt them on the bonfire. Probably less than half of us celebrate Halloween and lot’s of kids enjoy dressing up and trick or treating but that’s about the extent of it here.

    • I like the webs too, in fact, but not in my face and not the spiders…Interesting about Halloween – it just never caught on really here either. I think it arrived about ten years ago here, too late for me to really like and definitely too late for our grown up children as well. I have seen some trick and treat children and there are pumpkins on the doorstep of some houses, but I think your estimation of 50% applies to Swedes as well. Maybe only 30-40% really. But creepiness is rather interesting anyway – our differences!

      • And our similarities. Good point about the webs. I don’t much like them in my face either and walking on our bush tracks can be a bit of an adventure sometimes with big webs across. I’m quite tall and get what others don’t. :-0

  6. Those are some terrific creepy images! By coincidence, the group I sing with performed ”It’s Raining Men” just yesterday! That song isn’t creepy, but your photo of the flying men definitely is. Thanks for this challenge.

    • Thank you, Celia! So that old song is still sung! I remember I liked it very much. What a coincidence! When I saw them coming down from the sky – I just had to name those men after that title.

  7. Dear Ann Creepy Collection Indeed .The ‘house in the street’ gives a striking creepy call’ All the images are well selected and reflected the theme aptly…what a chance to catch such images.Thank you for sharing.

  8. Ohhh…Ann-Christine. These are wonderfully creepy images! I don’t share your fear of spiders. For me, it’s snakes. I’m looking forward to seeing everyone’s posts for this challenge. 🙂

    • Thank you, Patti! Yes, we seem to be either spider or snakes, don’t we? I think this challenge will be filled with surprises – and I am very much looking forward to seeing the entries!

  9. It’s amazing what monochrome can do for a creep vibe. 🙂 I love the creepy tree and what look like green fuzzy hands coming out of the earth. But the actually worst one would be a dark tunnel with an unknown person in with you, as it has the possibility for an actual problem.


    • True – as I mentioned, I think unpredictability is a factor to consider for creepiness. Glad you found some creepy things here too. I sometimes dream of narrow tunnels where I have to crawl, and in the end there is no way to return. Creepy and scary.

    • It is my dog, rolling in the middle of the street – he loves the rough surface scratching his back a lovely summer’s night…And dolls seem to be a major creepiness according to a scientific research!

  10. Your post brought a smile to my face 😉 But this will be a difficult challenge for me. I have to think hard!
    Had I known this is coming, I wouldn’t delete one of my photos… it was so scary (for me) that I decided to destroy it completely after looking at it several times. 😉
    Have a great day.

    • Haha, well, if it was that scary I am glad you got rid of it…and did not post! We might have caused a severe drop-out on the challenge…Hope you find something a bit less scary for us!

  11. Wow! So many wonderful examples of creepy. Those spider webs definitely give me the creepy chills and the dark tunnel can be a story of nightmares. Thank-you for the nod in sharing my link for monochrome, Ann Christine. I am overjoyed. 🙂

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