Thursday Thoughts – The Old Sallow

In the garden of our summer house stands a worthy old warden tree – a Sallow. Our children have climbed it every summer, and so did their father when he was a child. Sallows do not get very old, but this tree is a giant, and possibly about 100-150 years old. About double the age it ”should” get.

In the header he was still standing this Spring when we moved in.

But this is the sight that met us when we arrived for the final shut down for winter. Our children were sad to see it, and the only one who did not mind was Milo.

About a third of the trunk had fallen, but fortunately the little house managed without any damage. This sight was what we have feared to meet every Spring on our arrival – and now it was a fact. Hopefully the majestic tree will survive and thrive many years still. There is a sapling striving up right behind it – we tend to it with love.


43 comments on “Thursday Thoughts – The Old Sallow

  1. Wow, you were lucky … it didn’t land on your little cottage. I suppose trees are like us … when we get old we get fragile. So sad … such a beautiful tree Love the header image. Welcome, Home by the way!!!!

  2. What a tree. So glad it missed the house. I have no doubt it will grow again from the trunk. They usually do:-)

    • Then I trust you! There is a little one coming – and we try to see to it and do our best to make it grow. Many years ago we had to remove two other parts ov the trunk as they were threatening the house.

    • Glad you enjoyed my thoughts, Laura. In my garden at home I leave the fallen trees as they are, but this one we have to remove. It covers a great deal of the garden and the path to the sea. And it is so spread out that I fear the house would be covered in grass and flowers…Beautiful, but a bit unmanagable.

  3. Sad to see such a gran old tree fall. I take it that some of the tree survives and possibly it will provide new growth to carry one. And thankfully you do have a nearby sprout.

    • True, Steve. Two parts of the trunk is still standing and make a good home for the insects and birds . There is nothing like a tree home!

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