Thursday Thoughts – Hidden Hot Spring

Hunting hot springs in Autumn would have been great – but left them in Iceland. In Sweden it is getting colder now, and there is no more bathing in the sea…so, back to Iceland memories!

We had read about a very little hot pool, hidden in Landbrotalaug not far from the volcano Eldborg on the south coast of the Snaefellsnes peninsula. We decided to go for it.

The weather was splendid and the beautiful white cottongrass grew here abundantly…

Just when we thought we were lost, the hot water tap finally revealed the place.

With Snaefellsnes in the fond, we spotted the little pool – right out in the wild landscape. Two tents and a couple of people were there already. The bath can only take 1-2 persons at a time, so, Patience – and you will be greatly rewarded!

Wish I were there again!

25 comments on “Thursday Thoughts – Hidden Hot Spring

    • I find it hard to stop enjoying it – I would have loved to lie down and let it sweep over my face. Unfortunately they grow in wetlands…but looking at all those white brushes in the wind – is magical!

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