A Masterpiece – Good Omens

Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett wrote Good Omens, released 1990, when my daughter was born. So I missed out on it then. This summer my daughter and son made me read it, and we have watched the 6 piece adventure streamed from Amazon.

I simply LOVE it! The way I loved Narnia and JRR Tolkiens masterpiece about the Ring. But this one is hilariously funny as well. My student’s were more or less forced to read Gaiman’s books, but I was less into Pratchett.  But now – I have to read him as well. This series is a tribute to Pratchett from Gaiman.

I totally fell in love with the series – with a master cast (Cumberbatch, Jacobi, Richardson, etc.) …and Queen’s music. Michael Sheen and David Tennant – they could not have chosen a more suitable pair for the leading parts of Aziraphale the angel and Crowley the demon.

For 6000 years they have known each other, and have come to love us humans…with all our faults and errors…so when Armageddon is nigh, they have an agreement to save the world together.  No matter what their ”bosses” say.  And important roles for the outcome are played by young children – at the age of 11. (When I grew up, they said 11 was a crucial age. You will see how…). A timely novel and movie indeed!

Now, just enjoy this, my favourite fan youtube clip – with Belinda Carlisle’s hit from my younger days: Heaven is A Place on Earth!

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  2. Ahh, I loved the book and haven’t even heard of this series before. Want to watch it now! Every time a Queen song comes up on the car radio – and this is many, many, many times – I’m reminded of all the chuckles this book provided. 😀

    • LOVED the series and can’t wait for the dvd! November 7 is the release date. Talking about magic – that is ehat Sheen and Tennant radiates! Love them! Actually, really love them. So skilled and so perfect for Aziraphale and Crowley.

  3. My old copy of the book has almost fallen apart from being read over and over again by many people.

    The series has a really lovely tribute at the end, when you see Aziraphel’s restored bookshop. It has a shelf of the ”William” books. That’s what the story of Adam and his friends reminded me of when I read the book. If I have a complaint about the series, it is that this zany aspect of Adam’s gang is a bit too compressed.

  4. Love the Youtube clip …. you talked about the series in Poland, thanks for reminding me … now I have to watch it. Not a fantasy person, but I will give it ago. Love the actors. Love the song.

    • You can watch it only for the exquisite acting and the magical chemistry between those two. And – for all historical and biblical facts and hints. I love the way Gaiman humorously attack both our Heaven and Hell notions. De är ” lika goda kålsupare”!

  5. I enjoyed the series too! David Tennant & Michael Sheen are magic. Good Omens is a great example of a screenplay done well. I compare this to American Gods, which in my opinion was the polar opposite. I like the fan video too. Thanks for sharing.

  6. I’ve never been a fan of fantasy stories, but the combination of David Tennant and Micheal Sheen might be enough to get me watching this. Actually reading fantasy might take a little more.

    • Some people just are not suited for fantasy, but it has always been my genre. I found consolation and solutions the real world made too complicated. This story is the only Endiftheworldstory I have ever read that has got a positive meaning and ending. It gives hope and is very humorous. But don’t read then – just enjoy the magic between Sheen and Tennant!

  7. It was reading Good Omens that got me into Terry Prattchet’s Discworld. Now when faced with a dilemma I think ”what would Detritus do?” and the answer is obvious. 😁

  8. Saw Good Omens and I absolutely agree , the lead actors were perfectly cast. With the right mix of devilish and angelic humour, it was a good spin on Armageddon and most importantly fun.

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