Thursday Thoughts – Water, Harbour and Water Games

I thought I would post something of the lovely waters from Stettin/Szczecin, Poland.

We went there for a week with Viveka of My Guilty Pleasures – so she has got some splendid views from our visit!

No guide beats Viveka – and when it comes to restaurants and food…

Nothing compares to U – Wivi!

The harbour tour we had to do on our own, because Viveka was not feeling well this day.

And when walking back to our apartment, we watched some of the water games. Skilled guys, and the high diving was spectacular. Look at the bridge shot and you will find a girl diving – just below the bridge, head first. Wonder how high it was – I could not find any facts on it.

We enjoyed our stay immensely – wonderful people, city, fireworks, games, food. And company! Festivities for two days. Not expensive either – to be recommended! Poland never disappoints – and neither does Viveka. Thank you for taking us!



17 comments on “Thursday Thoughts – Water, Harbour and Water Games

  1. Thank you so much for 5 fantastic days together, it’s easy to be a good tour leader when the company is great. I’m a bit envious that I missed out on the water afternoon, but I was in good company with a Polish doctor that looked like a rockstar. Your action shots are just brilliant.

  2. The things people can do on water never ceases to amaze. The best I can do is sink 🙂 🙂 Vivi has such rotten luck with health, but she’s still here, and making the most if it.

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