Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #59 – Angles

Last week Patti used a lovely old English rhyme for the challenge – this week we would love to see your interpretation of what difference angles can do… for our perception of the world.

I was a teacher for many years, and my classes often discussed today’s society, history or literature. For better understanding of other people’s opinions, I used to give a simple example using the numbers 6 and 9. Depending on where you sit or stand, it might be 9 or 6 that you see. If you are not wise enough to envision how the person sitting at the other side of the table might see it, you will always have some trouble understanding other people’s point of view. (The world today… and forever?)

The importance of different ways of seeing the same object, thing, person, happening…cannot be overestimated. And now I hope you will have some fun with it too!

Angles is the challenge!

If you find you have no time to photograph something new from different angles, I am sure you have pictures in your archives to use – because, I guess many camera people work just like I do… Every year I take pictures of the same house, the same people, the same forest… but maybe just not from the same angle!

My choices are two: One sand sculpture from the Denmark exhibition –

– and one sculpture from Stykkishólmur, Iceland.

The fascinating thing is that these two are totally different and so are their messages. But, both sculptures need you to walk around them to get the details, the picture, the whole story, the complete message. So, what would Your interpretation be?

We are looking forward to seeing all your fascinating Angles!

Thank you, Patti, for last week’s challenge, Something old, new, borrowed and blue that really got us thinking – So many creative posts from you all!



180 comments on “Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #59 – Angles

  1. […] This week Ann-Christine asks us to look at photography from different angles. As a landscape photographer, I often go to a “new-to-me” place and take oodles of images of the subjects at different angles. The goal of trying different compositions is that something in one of the angles captured adds a little extra something to make it a more interesting photograph. As her contribution to the challenge, she features a couple of fascinating sand sculptures captured from different angles. You can read her entire challenge post here. […]

    • Good that you found it interesting, Sylvia! The thing is to try finding a multiple interpretation theme – and sometimes it works well!

  2. […] When I first come upon a castle ruin I walk around it, looking at it first from one side, And then the other, And all around. From the outside looking up at the castle walls (and being blinded by the sun).From the inside of the building there is a wall of openings where the windows used to be, and it looks quite different from this very different perspective. More ways of looking up… Then there’s climbing up on a section of the ramparts deemed to be safe…And looking down on the surrounding estuary.This stained-glass map shows how this region of Wales is crowded with castles. More of the Lens-Artists Photo Challenge: Angles. […]

  3. Hi Ann-Christine. Loved seeing all the different angles of the sand sculpture. Amazing details. The one from Iceland is so beautifully stream-lined. Loved both. Must be wonderful to travel the world and be presented with such wonders to photograph. odaciuk.wordpress.com/2019/08/19/different-angles/

    • So glad you liked the photos of the sculptures – and yes, I feel fortunate to see so many beautiful things. But, I always find most beauty in the little things in nature!

  4. Love the challenge thank you Ann-Christine. Experimenting with perspective is a fun way to pique the interest of the viewer. The sand sculpture is awesome.

  5. Such a lovely post and I am amazed by that sand sculpture! I always feel that sculptures need to be walked around in order to appreciate them and I have done that often in a local sculpture garden, but my take on this is in a more natural location. Post will be up tomorrow!

  6. A-C, magnificent … gallery. Still upset a little bit … about the sand adventure, but you made up for it in Poland. *laughing. And that Iceland sculpture, stunningly beautiful.

  7. HI Leya. The skill and effort which goes into those sandcastles are amazing and you photos certainly accentuate that I wonder how the build the top without breaking the bottom. Or is it done professionally using scaffolding as with buildings?

    • Hi Abrie! I was wondering too, and you are right about the scaffolding. They build up a sand top of about 7 meters, terrace it and start sculpturing from the top, moving downwards. If I had been there in May I could have watched the artist work on them!

  8. […] Ann-Christine’s Angles challenge this week “speaks” to me in several ways.  First, let’s look at the creative angle in architecture, photography, fine art, and street art.  In this sense of the word, “angle” means a shift in perspective.  Great creative artists are visionaries who show us a different way of looking at the world. […]

  9. thank Leya for posting this challenge for this week. As in all the challenges that you guys posts, it always gives me the opportunity to reflect on the theme. And angles indeed provide your perspective on how you see Things based on that angle. It is like a boomerang that somehow reflects on what you see based on how you see the Things around you. So we might see the same angle but feels and perceives it differently. I love it! Anyways, here is my participation:


    • Good thoughts – and thank you for your positive words! It is wonderful when we all get to discuss the world around us from different angles and perspectives. Enriching! Blogging can give us so much if we take the time to connect and listen!

  10. My son and I were discussing angles and different perspectives this morning. We each went into the garden, walked 10 paces, and took a photo. How different the photos were. Your photos are wonderful. And I love seeing the sculptures from all angles.

  11. I thought for a moment you’d popped to the Algarve when I wasn’t looking! There’s a big sand sculpture park there and some of the creations are so clever. 🙂 🙂 Good theme, Ann-Christine! Viveka often uses angles to produce really interesting shots.

    • Ah – Algarve? Well, I will go when it is less warm…And I will pop over to you for a walk and a cuppa? Glad you like the theme – and this is one of Viveka’s specialties, I know! We are planning to go there again next year.

  12. This is a great photo lesson of how we can get details and pictures from different angles. Fabulous photos of the sand sculpture. Love the sculpture from Iceland.
    Thank you, AC for another cool challenge!

  13. Hi, Ann-Christine. A wonderful challenge and images, as well. Those sand sculptures are fantastic. It’s so true that a change in angle or perspective totally changes our interpretation. I like your explanation to your students on shifting perspectives. Great point. 🙂

    • Thank you, Patti! Angles are to be found everywhere, but you can also create them yourself. I like that. And I miss my talks with the students…That is also why I love having my children around, listening to their discussions. We circled the sculptures discussing them in detail. Fruitful.

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