CFFC – Trees

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Trees

Trees – My Life, and the whole World´s Life is depending on them. In the header, one of the last shots of the forest I always photograph during all seasons. Two days ago I went there on coming home from a week in Poland. The whole forest is down – my heart aches, and my eyes cry –

Winter in the meadows

Summer in the forest

Autumn is coming

89 reaktioner på ”CFFC – Trees

  1. How distressing! I hope there will be replanting but the trees will take years to grow. I am worried that, now we are getting rid of plastics ( thank goodness) we will put too much pressure on forests in order to produce paper products to replace plastic packaging. I remember before plastic bags that there were shortages of paper products and we were always urged not to waste paper in order to save trees. I am happy for plastic to go but we can’t simply swap plastic for paper. We must protect our resources, especially trees.

  2. Knowing that the trees would be felled one day is expected but to not know and go there to find clear felling has occurred is so heartbreaking. I am lucky I live in my own forest or bush as we say here, hence I am bushboy😀😀

  3. These are all marvelous but the news about the trees being down breaks my heart! Logging? Other? I had a similar experience a few years ago in Wyoming coming to a trail that had been wooded and finding every tree cut down. I wouldn’t have know where I was had I not already been on the trail. I felt the same way you did!! Horrible!


    • Yes, for timber – but taken down too early! It could have grown for another 10 years. So sad. Difficult to cope when your ordinary life is changed. I walk there almost every day. I am grateful for all the photos I have from it though.

      • That’s seems crazy. Are they going to plant more trees? Forestry is a huge industry here, and I’m used to seeing huge ares of forest suddenly bare because it’s been harvested. They areas are usually replanted quite quickly, but the scars to the land are still ugly.

      • Big here as well. Despite the common knowledge that biodiversity is depending on the farmers not planting the same species all over – they still do. We want a law saying they have to plant different species together.

  4. What an awful shock that must have been. Heartbreaking. The watershed I visit often has areas clear cut but it is being managed for water use so I am not shocked when I see it, just disappointed. But if a favorite forest was cut as you see I would be devastated. So sorry, Ann-Christine.

    • Oh, Steve, it was a big area in the forest – in fact the whole beautiful pathway through to the first meadow. And the thing is, they were not ready for this either. My husband is a forest man, and said they should have grown for at least another 10 years.

      • Sad it is – and yes, I have another location. Two of my best ones are gone now, and the same year as well…but the third one remains. I hope I do not get a negative answer when I visit. That forest lies further away, unfortunately.

    • It was. I do not think those trees were quite ready for it – they could have been growing for another 10 years. They have always been there for me – it is difficult when your usual world is twisted…

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