Thursday Thoughts – Heimaey, Vestmannaeyar

Some Thursdays ago, my post took us off for Vestmannaeyar – and now we have arrived!

The harbour of Heimaey was the only thing that changed for the positive after the eruption of Eldfell. It was walled in and became more protected against the sea. Click the link above to read the story in my first post.

Ships coming in – this is still a lively harbour.

There are birds everywhere on the spectacular cliffs. Gulls, puffins…

…common redshanks, golden plovers… The path towards Eldfell took us past signs showing the eruption and the remains or memories of buried houses.

We reached the peak easily, and were met with stunning views.

The rain had stopped and the mist lifted, displaying the many colours in all their glory. We even got a warming ray of sun as we admired the sea and the harbour from above.

To sum up, much had changed since our last visit in 1979. The lava and ashes were now filled with flowers and rich bird life, and Eldfell could no longer give us fried or boiled eggs directly from the ground. Life is returning.

Interested in visiting? Click here to read more.



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